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Why Should the Printer Undergo Core Technological Innovation?

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In the 1860s, the industrial revolution in which machines replaced manpower in central England and large-scale factory production replaced individual manual workshop production was a milestone in the history of human science and technology. This epochal leap marked the beginning of the official dominance of science and technology. Since the first industrial revolution, it can be considered that every technological innovation in almost any field and industry has brought actual benefits to the production and life of the human world. The technological innovation in the printing industry has also brought us huge practical benefits.



1. The technological innovation of paper printers (that is, 2D printers) brought performance improvement.

Since the birth of the world's first laser printer in 1971, countless new technologies and new patents in more than 40 years have made this product successfully popularized globally and brought great value to our production and life. In all technological innovations, there are two most important aspects.


1) The heart of the printer-toner cartridge

Toner cartridges are currently the most critical component of common laser printers. Printers produced by different manufacturers have matching laser toner cartridges. In other words, the model of the printer toner cartridge is closely related to the printer brand and model. Compatible toner cartridges are generally made of aluminum and coated with photosensitive materials of different technologies. More than 70% of the imaging components of a laser printer are concentrated on the seal toner cartridge. It is conceivable that the toner cartridge directly determines the printing of a printer to a large extent. quality.


2-3-toner cartridges

2) Printer's blood-toner

Over the years, major printer manufacturers have been constantly improving their toner technology. Not only do they require smoother, more uniform, and firmer print coloring effects (these are what consumers can perceive), but they require toner. The fixing temperature is lower, the toner consumption is lower, and these are not easy to notice during our use, but they actually bring us more convenience.



2. Here is only a small part of the advanced technology and the efficiency improvement brought by it.


1) Multi-faceted development of printing materials. In recent years, new materials for 3D printing have emerged in an endless stream. Manufacturers are constantly innovating the material technology they master. The knowledge is limited below, and only plastics in extruded materials are taken as examples. The plastics used for 3D printing materials in the market today are generally abs and pla. The Hyber technology used by the well-known manufacturer Makerbot has significantly improved the toughness and firmness of its pla wire. What users can clearly feel is not only the toughness of the printed product, but also a certain degree of deformation and resistance to damage.


2) The addition of auxiliary devices. From the thermal insulation warehouse to the exhaust gas circulation system, the 3D printer as a platform is already full of external hangers. Here is a brief talk about the automatic leveling calibration device. Extrusion-type 3D printers need to stack the melted materials layer by layer, which requires the original stacking surface to be maintained at an almost absolute level, otherwise the printing will almost inevitably fail. Previously, personal level 3D printers required manual leveling and calibration before use (remember the operation of using microscopes in middle school, some similar). This step is very cumbersome and often requires users to have considerable experience.


Some more advanced 3D printers, such as the 5th generation of Makerbot Replicator, have added an automatic trim calibration device (next to the print head, using magnetic calibration), which greatly reduces the threshold for using 3D printers.

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