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Why Should You Use Genuine Printer Cartridges?

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The more frequently you use the printer, the more often you need to replace the printer cartridge. At present, the price of genuine ink cartridge in the market is generally higher than that of generic ink cartridge. Although using genuine ink cartridge will increase the cost, the quality of genuine ink cartridge is much better than generic ink cartridge. The following explains why you should use the genuine ink cartridges. 



OEM Has Invested a Lot of Money in R&D

Since the ink cartridge was invented, it has been constantly improved. Compared with the early ink cartridge, the modern ink cartridge is not only easy to use, but also has better printing quality. Printing ink technology has the capacity to bear the heat around 300℃ to vaporise the ink and the dropping as many as 36,000 drops per second. As a result, these ink cartridges can provide about 72.9 million color combinations. Many OEMs can provide advanced printing solutions for customers, such as HP. Compared with OEMs, companies that produce generic black ink cartridges will not invest a lot of money in research and development. This makes them backward in technology and unable to produce advanced products.



Conduct Ethical Recycling

When the toner used cartridge and 652 ink cartridge can't be used any more, OEMs will invest part of their profit in recycling the waste toner cartridge and ink cartridge. Generic ink cartridge suppliers often don't recycle discarded products because they want to make more profits. Therefore, if you use generic toner cartridges or ink cartridges, they can not be recycled after being discarded, which will cause damage to the environment. 



Long Service Life

OEMs have advanced production technology, so they can provide users with high quality ink cartridges and toner cartridges. These genuine products often have a long service life. However, generic ink cartridges often have a short service life, and they can also lead to printing errors and waste, which will lead to increased costs.


26-2-80a toner cartridge


Generic Ink Cartridges Can Damage Your Printer

As we all know, genuine UV ink cartridge is specially designed for your printer. A genuine printer cartridge can only be used for one or several models of printers. However, the generic ink cartridge can be used in many models of printers. If you put a generic cartridge in your printer, it may damage the printer and cartridge slot. If your printer is damaged, you need to pay a sum of money to repair it. Compared with the generic refillable ink cartridge, the genuine ink cartridge is more secure and hardly damages the printer. Even if your printer is damaged by the genuine ink cartridge, OEMs will provide you with free repair service. Therefore, it is recommended to use genuine printer cartridge, which can reduce the risk of damage to the printer and minimize the maintenance cost.


To sum up, genuine printer cartridge has more advantages than generic printer cartridge. Although the price of genuine printer cartridges is higher, you don't have to worry about your printer being damaged by them, which saves you a lot of repair costs. 

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