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Which is Better: Lease a Printer or Buy One?

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Nowadays, more and more businesses are going to obtain printers. And at the same time, manufacturers will provide various printers every year to meet the businesses’ need. It is common for companies to secure the latest and greatest printing device. However, sometimes you just need to lease a printer instead of purchasing a new one. Moreover, there are several ways available on the Internet to obtain a business printer, and many of these ways overlap and can make a difference in your budget and productivity. Some ways to acquire a business printer are as follows, including pros and cons.


When you purchase a printer for your business, you are pledging to that specific imaging device with no option to change with the emergence of new technologies. With the development of security protection, mobile printing and cloud integration technologies, most companies prefer to flexibly upgrade their printers. When you rent or buy a printer, you can choose to upgrade, just like people use smartphones on some operators. Some explanations of different ways are as follows.



Pros and Cons of Buying a Printer

If you purchase the printer, you can use it online and offline. You can do whatever you want to it, including breaking it with large number of documents. The advantage of purchasing a printer is that you can own it forever as long as you won’t sell it. And you can move it anywhere you want. Because you have bought it by yourself, there is no hardware contracts. However, there are still disadvantages. Many customers hold that it has the upfront capital cost. And it cannot upgrade. And you should pay extra for toner and service. The additional payment for toner and service fee are relatively high if you value printing quality. If you want to purchase a new one, you can think about the other products made by our company, such as 302xl ink cartridge, 63 ink cartridge, printer ink cartridge 972a, etc.



Pros and Cons of Leasing a Printer

If you intend to lease a printer, you should make monthly payments for 3-5 years with the option to purchase the printer machine or copier machine at a fair market price at the end of the lease period. The pro of leasing a printer is that it has less money upfront. With 100% operating expense, it is also easy to upgrade. But the bad aspect is that it has 3-5 years’ lease commitment. And if it upgrades, is will cause refinancing. You should also pay extra for toner and service.


57-3-copier machine


Pros and Cons of Pay Cost-per-page

This kind of method suggests that the printer stays in your office, but you pay for the printed pages and agree to the promise of a minimum monthly quantity, regardless of actual use. It has predictable budget. And it includes printer service and toner. And it also has single invoice. However, it has the minimum print volume commitment and should pay for unused prints. And annual escalators and overage fees are also included.



I believe that when most people choose a printer, the first thing they think of is the quality and service life of the printer. So, no matter what method you use, you can choose our ink cartridges and other products, such as 53s ink cartridge, sponge less ink cartridge, solvent ink cartridge, etc. and ASCONN will help you implement a solution that accurately predicts costs, increases uptime, and enhances safety.


We specialize in toner cartridges, ink cartridges, ribbons, and other related accessories. If you have any question, welcome to consult us.

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