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Which is Better, Laser Printer or Ink Jet Printer?

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At present, the most common printers in the market are ink jet printer and laser printer. The consumables, working principle and characteristics of these two printers are different. Therefore, many users do not know how to choose the most suitable printer. The following content introduces the characteristics of laser printer and ink jet printer, so that users can choose products more conveniently. 



What are Ink Cartridge and Toner Cartridge?

Ink cartridge is a part of ink jet printer. Its function is to store the ink needed for printing. At present, the ink cartridge on the market can be divided into two types, one is separate type ink cartridge, and the other is integrated ink cartridge. For the separate type ink cartridge, when the ink in the cartridge is used up, the user can add ink to the cartridge by himself. For the integrated ink cartridge, when the ink is used up, the user needs to replace a new ink cartridge. Ink cartridge is the main consumable of ink jet printer. The price of ink cartridges of different quality often varies greatly. The price of original ink cartridges is often the highest, while the price of some compatible ink cartridges is lower.


Toner cartridge is also called photosensitive drum. Toner cartridge is generally made of aluminum and photosensitive materials. As more than 70% of the photosensitive components in laser printers are on the toner cartridge, the quality of the toner cartridge largely determines the quality of the printing. In addition, the quality of the toner cartridge also determines the user's cost. Therefore, the color toner cartridge is the most important part of the color laser printer. 


 47-2-106a toner cartridge

The Difference Between Toner Cartridge and Ink Cartridge

Laser printers and ink jet printers have different imaging principles, so they need different consumables. The toner cartridge is the consumable of laser printer. It contains toner, which is used by laser printer to print paper. Ink jet printers use the ink in the cartridge to print paper.



Which is Better for You, Laser Printer or Ink Jet Printer?

The working principle of laser printer and ink jet printer is different, so their characteristics are also different. If you only need to print monochrome text, it is recommended that you choose a monochrome laser printer. This is because laser printers are faster and cheaper in printing monochrome text. 


If you need to print color pictures or text, such as photos, then you need an ink jet photo printer. Ink jet photo printer can print very clear color pictures on ordinary paper, and can print clearer pictures on photo paper. 


If you need to print a large number of color files and monochrome files at work, it is recommended that you choose a color laser printer. This kind of printer has more abundant functions, and its printing speed is very fast. But its price is higher than other printers, and the price of consumables will also be higher. If you have a good budget, you can choose this printer. 

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