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What you should know before buying printer cartridges online?

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With Coronavirus ramping through the world, work and economy have been disrupted greatly and many countries have encouraged their people to work from home to avoid the spread of the virus. However, printing will still be necessary for home office and with the absence of the professional office managers, learn to choose the most cost-effective printing supplies has become a major issue, especially in the modern society where you can find literally any types of printer cartridges on the internet. Though cartridges are small, they are rather costly, which makes choosing the most suitable one is extremely important.


Let’s find out how to strategize for the best possible ink and toner deal delivered to your home office.


Get the right information

Keep these questions in mind while surfing the internet for online printer cartridges, especially if you are going to buy a large quantity.

What is the product warranty?

What is the vendor’s return policy?

How long will delivery take?

What is MQQ?
Can I get free samples?

What is the return policy?

86-3-laser printer toner cartridge

Get what you pay for 

As mentioned, the printer cartridge industry is lucrative. Inevitably you may get shoddy products manufactured by dishonest supplliers. Sometimes you may find ink and toner much cheaper than normal, but what you potentially get is phony product with these adverse effects:

Shoddy quality that can damage or wear down a printer (e.g., volatile organic compounds in the ink that gradually erode the built-in printhead)

Potentially buying a half-empty cartridge


How to avoid counterfeit printer cartridges online?

While shopping online, we suggest:

Avoid cheap and outdated websites (trust your instincts, design tastes, and return to the questions mentioned in the first section)

If you get that “true good to be true” feeling, pause and ask the original manufacturer of the printer cartridge for assistance (big brands hate the sales of sham printer cartridges).

Furthermore, you can ask the supplier to send you some samples and identify the sample to judge whether you want their products or not.


Consult your coworker
Of course, if you’re working from home, you can alway ask your coworker for advice. I am sure they can recommend some best possible printer cartridge for your home printer.


You may think that it is a good idea to ask manufacturers. However, chances are that they will recommend their products to you as in their eyes, their printer cartridges are the best.


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