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What to Do If Printer Prompt That the Ink Cartridge Is Not Compatible?

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When the ink cartridges in the printer are used up, after installing new refillable ink cartridges, sometimes an error message indicating that the ink cartridges are not compatible will appear. What should we do at this time? Be sure to use the corresponding original ink cartridge to match it. This is also the most fundamental solution. If there is an incompatibility problem, you can also solve the problem by replacing the ink cartridge and cleaning the contacts. The following will detail the solutions for several incompatible ink cartridges.


1. Confirm whether the ink cartridge and printer correspond.


Many friends often ignore an important fact when installing ink toner cartridge, that is, whether the ink cartridge corresponds to the printer. Therefore, in the first step of installing ink cartridges, it is necessary to determine the applicable ink cartridges.


Generally speaking, when we open the ink cartridge compartment cover of the printer, the ink cartridge model will be affixed inside. In the process of installing the driver, the driver after installation will also prompt the ink cartridge model. Purchasing according to the suggested model can avoid ink cartridge incompatibility from the root cause.


2. Install the ink cartridge correctly. 


Do not touch the copper-colored contacts and ink cartridge nozzles, and do not apply tape to the ink cartridge. Otherwise, it will cause problems such as nozzle clogging, no ink jet, and poor circuit contact. The ink cartridge should be installed vertically when installing. It is easy to scratch the chip if it is installed tilted, because there are many pointers on the carriage in the printer and inkjet plotter. If the pointer touches the two holes of the ink cartridge nozzle and the corner of the chip, the chip will be scratched and the machine will not be recognized.


71-3-replacing the ink cartridge

3. Clean the contacts.


If the ink cartridge is incompatible or damaged, open the ink cartridge door or the upper cover of the machine. After the ink cartridge is moved to the replacement location, unplug the power cord and USB cable of the printer, and take out the ink cartridge.


We need to use dry cotton swabs and lint-free cloth to wipe the ink cartridge contacts and the contacts of the pen holder board in the ink cartridge slot. This ensures that there is no ink and debris deposits on the ink cartridge contacts and slot contacts. Remember not to touch the nozzles and contacts of the ink cartridge with your hands.


Or use a clean cotton swab or lint-free cloth to soak a small amount of distilled water to clean the copper-colored contacts of the ink cartridge and the contacts of the ink cartridge slot. Then let the cartridge dry for about 10 minutes.


4. Restart the printer.


Another method that everyone has tried is to restart the printer.


5. Clean the waste ink tank.


In fact, every HP inkjet printer has a fixed life setting for accessories. When some accessories reach the end of their service life, the printer will prompt that it cannot print. Since the continuous ink supply system is easy to cause waste ink during use, it is easy to cause the waste ink tank to become full. This situation can be dealt with in two ways. One is to use the clearing software to reset the print motherboard to eliminate printer settings, and the other is to go to the maintenance point to replace the sponge in the waste ink tank. It is recommended that users use the latter, because simply clearing can easily cause waste ink to be missed and burn the printer.


In addition, replacing ink cartridges and warranty printers are also effective methods.

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