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What's the Difference between Toner Cartridge and Ink Cartridge?

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Printer is an essential office equipment for almost every company. People can use the printer to print the documents in the computer on paper. Printers make our life more convenient. At present, the common printers can be divided into ink jet printers and laser printers. The working principle of these two printers is completely different, so the consumables they need are also different. Ink jet printers need ink cartridges to work, while laser printers need toner cartridges. The following describes the differences between ink cartridge and toner cartridge. 



The Differences between Ink Cartridge and Toner Cartridge

The toner cartridge can only be used in laser printers. It is filled with toner. The ink cartridge can only be used in ink jet printers, which are filled with ink. Laser printers are imaged by laser generators, while ink jet printers are imaged by ink. In order to save cost, some users will buy ink or toner to fill the used ink cartridge or toner cartridge. It should be noted that the price of original toner cartridge and ink cartridge is often high, so there are many third-party ink cartridge or toner cartridge in the market. Many users will buy third-party products, which can help them save a lot of money.


In laser printers, more than 70% of the imaging components are integrated on the toner cartridge. Therefore, the printing quality of laser printer largely depends on the quality of toner cartridge. 


97-3-photo printer


How to Choose the Right Printer?

Because the working principle of ink jet printer and laser printer is completely different, so their characteristics are also completely different.  


If users mainly print monochrome text, it is recommended that users choose monochrome laser printer. This kind of laser printer has fast printing speed, and its price is not high. In addition, users do not need to buy color toner cartridge. 


If the user needs to print color text or pattern frequently, it is recommended that the user choose color ink jet printer. Compared with laser printers, ink jet printers can restore the color of patterns better. If users need to print photos, it is recommended to choose a photo printer. The photo printer can print clear images on normal paper. If you use image paper, the definition of the image will be higher. 


It should be noted that although the printing speed of the color laser printer is fast, the color of the printed pattern is often not as bright as that of the ink jet printer. In addition, words and patterns printed by ink jet printers are easier to save.


In addition to the above two printers, there are LED printers, stylus printers, electrostatic printers, etc. The working principle of LED printer is similar to laser printer, but its light source is LED. The stylus printer is an outdated product, has been gradually eliminated. Electrostatic printer uses static electricity to image, which has the characteristics of simple use, low power consumption and low noise. The printing quality of electrostatic printer is very high, and the text is not easy to fade, but its price is higher. 

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