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What causes the faint print?

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In order to make everyone more comfortable in daily applications, we have specifically found some daily problems and solutions for printers.

1. Incomplete or unclear characters

For inkjet printers, there may be two reasons: the printer ink cartridge is out of ink, the printer is not used for a long time, or the nozzle is blocked by direct sunlight. The solution is to replace the compatible ink cartridge or fill it with the ink for cartridge refill. If the ink cartridge is not used up, it can be concluded that the nozzle is blocked: remove the ink cartridge (for printers that do not have an integrated ink cartridge nozzle, remove the nozzle), soak the nozzle in warm water for a while. Be careful not to partially immerse the circuit board in water, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.


For stylus printer machines, there may be the following reasons: the printing ribbon has been used for too long; the print head has not been cleaned for a long time and there is too much dirt; the print head has broken needles; the print head drive circuit is faulty. The solution is to adjust the distance between the print head and the print roller. If the fault cannot be eliminated, you can replace the ribbon with a new one. If it still fails, you need to clean the print head. The method is: remove the two fixing screws on the print head, take off the print head, use a needle or a small hook to remove the dirt mixed in the front and back of the print head, which is generally the ribbon fiber accumulated for a long time. Then put a few drops of instrument oil on the back of the head where the needle can be seen to remove some dirt, print a few sheets of paper without installing the ribbon, and then install the ribbon, so that the problem can be basically solved. If the print head is broken or there is a problem with the needle or the drive circuit, you can only replace the printing needle or the drive tube.


60-3-printer machine 

2. The print is light

For stylus printers, most of the causes of this type of failure are ribbon ink drying, print head broken needles, and the push rod position is adjusted too far, which can be solved by replacing the ribbon and adjusting the push rod. For inkjet printers, clogged nozzles, excessively dry ink, incorrect ink type, air in the ink delivery tube, and high operating temperature of the printer will cause this failure. Check and repair the nozzle and refillable ink cartridge. For laser printers, when the toner in the laser printer toner cartridge is little, when the developing voltage of the developing roller is low and the toner's photosensitive effect is poor, it will also cause faint printing. At this time, take out the toner cartridge box and shake it gently. If the printing effect does not improve, you should replace the toner sharp cartridge or adjust a set of photosensitive switches under the toner cartridge of the printer to match the photosensitive sensitivity of the toner.



3. When printing, the handwriting is clear on one side but not on the other side

This phenomenon generally occurs on stylus printers, inkjet printers may also occur, but the probability is small, mainly because the print head rail and the print roller are not parallel, resulting in the distance between the two. The solution is to adjust the distance between the print head guide rail and the print roller to make them parallel. The specific method is: loosen the adjustment tabs on both sides of the print head guide rail, turn the adjustment tabs counterclockwise to reduce the gap, and finally adjust the print head guide rail and print roller to be parallel to solve the problem. But pay attention to adjust the direction, you can adjust gradually, and print several times.

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