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What are the Differences between Compatible Toner Cartridge and OEM Toner Cartridge?

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Genuine toner cartridges and OEM toner cartridges are expensive, and they are rarely discounted. As a result, many consumers will not buy these toner cartridges. In order to save costs, many consumers will buy third-party toner cartridges, such as compatible toner cartridges, remanufactured toner cartridges, etc. So what are the differences between these different toner cartridges? 


For example, a popular HP 88a toner cartridge usually costs more than $50. And the price of the third-party cartridge is often only half of the original cartridge. Moreover, these third-party toner cartridges can also print the same number of pages as the original toner cartridge. 


In order to ensure their profits, famous brand printer manufacturers spare no effort to make the operation of compatible cartridge manufacturers difficult. These printer manufacturers can install chips in printers or toner cartridges so that printers cannot recognize compatible toner cartridges and thus cannot work. But manufacturers of compatible toner cartridges are constantly trying to break down technical barriers. At present, many compatible cartridge manufacturers can replace or reset the chip on the toner cartridge, so that the printer can recognize the compatible toner cartridge.


94-3-color copier machine

In addition, some printer manufacturers warn their users that using compatible toner cartridges can damage printers. In fact, most users don't care about these warnings. Most of the printer damage is caused by the user's improper operation, not by the toner cartridge. 


Due to the low price of third-party toner cartridges, some people worry that their printing quality will be poor. In fact, the printing quality of third-party toner cartridges depends on its manufacturer. Third party toner cartridges produced by some professional manufacturers have good printing quality, because they use almost the same toner as OEM toner. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers will use inferior toner to fill the toner cartridge, which leads to the decline of printing quality. Therefore, when purchasing a third-party toner cartridge, you should fully investigate its manufacturer. 


When the quality of the documents printed by the toner cartridge drops, it means that the toner cartridge is actually defective. This happens to almost all brands of toner cartridges, including OEM toner cartridges. This may be due to the toner cartridge was damaged in the process of transportation, or it may be an accident in the production of toner cartridge. In addition, some profiteers will use waste OEM toner cartridges to produce fake toner cartridges, because it can make them get more profits. Therefore, when choosing the toner cartridge, you should carefully check the outer package of the toner cartridge to avoid buying counterfeit products.


Among many third-party toner cartridge manufacturers, some manufacturers produce products with almost the same quality as original toner cartridges, and their prices are also lower than OEM toner cartridges. Smart customers can save a lot of money by using third-party toner cartridges. It's not difficult to find high quality third-party toner cartridges. You can visit ASCONN's website, where you can find various types of high quality toner cartridges. ASCONN company is a professional toner cartridge manufacturer, our products are deeply loved by consumers. 

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