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What are the Applications of the Printer?

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The printer was invented by John Water and Dave Donald. A device that prints the calculation results or intermediate results of a computer on paper in a prescribed format with numbers, letters, symbols, and graphics that can be recognized by humans. Printers are developing towards being light, thin, short, small, low power consumption, high speed and intelligent.


With the rapid development of the Internet, some people predict that the paperless era is coming and the end of printers has come. However, global paper consumption has doubled every year, and printer sales have increased at an average rate of nearly 8%. All this indicates that the printer will not only not disappear, but will develop faster and faster, and the application field will become wider and wider. From the emergence of the world's first printer in 1885, to various dot matrix printers, inkjet printers and laser printers, they all played important roles in different eras. In this article, I mainly talk about the application of printers.



Dot Matrix Printer

Dot matrix printers have occupied an important position in the history of printers for a long time. The reason why the stylus printer can be popular for a long time is inseparable from its extremely low printing cost, good ease of use, and the special purpose of receipt printing. Of course, its very low print quality and large working noise are also the root cause of its inability to adapt to the needs of high-quality and high-speed commercial printing, so it is only available in banks, supermarkets, and other places that are used for ticket printing.



Color Inkjet Printer

Color inkjet printers have occupied the vast low-end market because of their good printing effect and low price. In addition, inkjet printers also have more flexible paper processing capabilities. In the choice of printing media, inkjet printers also have certain advantages. They can print ordinary media such as envelopes and letter paper, as well as various film and photo paper.


There are also many kinds of cartridges used in the printer, such as hp refill ink cartridges, hp ink 123 cartridge, hp tij inks cartridge, etc. And Different types of printers use different ink cartridges.



Laser Printer

Laser printer is a new product of high-tech development, and it is also a model that is expected to replace inkjet printers. It is divided into black and white. It provides us with higher quality, faster and lower cost printing. Among them, the price of low-end black and white laser printers has dropped to a few hundred yuan, reaching a level acceptable to ordinary users. Its printing principle is to use a raster image processor to generate a bitmap of the page to be printed, and then convert it into a series of pulses such as electrical signals and send it to the laser transmitter. Under the control of this series of pulses, the laser is regularly release. At the same time, the reflected light beam is received by the photosensitive drum. A dot is generated when the laser is emitted, and it is blank when the laser is not emitted, so that a line of dots is printed on the receiver. Then the receiver rotates a small fixed distance to continue the above operation. When the paper passes through the photosensitive drum, the colorant on the drum is transferred to the paper and printed as a bitmap of the page. Finally, when the paper passes through a pair of heating rollers, the colorant is heated and melted and fixed on the paper to complete the entire printing process, which is accurate and efficient. Although the price of laser printers is much more expensive than inkjet printers, laser printers are much cheaper in terms of the cost of printing a single page. The price of color laser printers is generally around 2,000 yuan.



In addition to the above three most common printers, there are several professional printer models such as thermal printers and large format printers. Thermal printers use transparent dyes for printing. Its advantage lies in professional high-quality image printing. It can print continuous-tone pictures close to photos, and is generally used for pre-press and professional graphics output.



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