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What Should be Paid Attention to When Using the Copier?

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At present, the copier has become a common office equipment. Because the copier is a kind of complex and precise equipment, it may be damaged if it is not operated properly. The following content describes the precautions about using the copier.


At present, the rated voltage of digital photocopiers on the market is usually 200V to 240V, the rated frequency is 50 Hz, and the working current is about 8A. Therefore, before using the electrostatic copier, check whether the power supply is qualified. If the voltage is too low or too high, it will not only affect the efficiency of the copier, but also damage the copier. In addition, it is better not to connect other devices to the power supply of the copier. Because when other equipment is turned on and off, impulse current may be generated in the power supply and circuit, thus damaging the internal circuit of the copier. When choosing the socket of the copier, we should choose three-phase socket, so as to ensure the safety of the copier and users. When you turn off the copier, you must turn off the power on the control panel of the copier before you can unplug the power cord.


Most copiers need to use premium toner cartridge to work properly. The toner cartridge contains toner, the main component of which is carbon. It may also contain some adhesives and resins. When the copier is working, the toner in the compatible toner cartridge is heated and then melted. In this process, some of the resin in the laser toner cartridge will be oxidized to produce some irritating gas, usually ozone. In general, high quality toner cartridge will not harm human health. But if you use poor quality toner cartridge, it will not only damage human health, but also affect the copying effect. More importantly, the poor quality toner cartridge will also damage the copier. Once the toner falls on the circuit board of the copier, it may cause the short circuit.

38-3-office printer


If the toner in the genuine hp toner cartridge is used up, a prompt will appear on the display screen of the copier to remind the user to replace the original toner cartridge in time. If the toner cartridge is not replaced in time, it may have an adverse effect on the copying effect of the copier. It should be noted that any poor quality toner will cause excessive dust during the operation of the copier. Once the dust falls on the circuit board, it may seriously damage the copier.


After the copier is started, it needs a period of time to warm up. After that, the copier can start to work. If you need to copy multiple copies of the same document, you can directly set the working mode and the number of copies on the screen. After that, the copier can work continuously. This not only improves the work efficiency, but also saves the user's operation time. Because there are many precise optical parts in the multifunctional copier, if the copier is switched on and off frequently, these parts will be damaged.

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