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What Should I Do If the Toner Cartridge Leaks?

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Users who often use laser printers often encounter a problem, that is, toner cartridge leakage. So what are the causes of toner cartridge leakage? What should users do if the toner cartridge leaks? The following answers both questions. 



Causes of Toner Cartridge Leakage

Too Much Waste Toner in Toner Cartridge

If there is too much waste toner in the toner cartridge, it is easy to cause the leakage of the toner cartridge. Too much waste toner is caused by the low utilization rate of toner. Compared with the original toner cartridge, the leakage probability of universal toner cartridge and compatible toner cartridge is higher, because their toner utilization rate is lower. Therefore, it is suggested that the user should clean the inside of the printer every other period of time to avoid the accumulation of toner inside the printer.


The doctor blade is Deformed or Damaged

In order to let consumers buy the original toner cartridge as much as possible, the manufacturer will produce the original toner cartridge that cannot be disassembled. But for consumers, it will cost a lot of money to buy the brand new toner cartridge, so they are more willing to buy toner to replenish the empty toner cartridge. When replenishing the toner cartridge, it is easy to damage the various parts on the toner cartridge, such as the doctor blade. When the doctor blade is damaged, the cartridge is easy to leak. If the printer is damaged because the users replenishes the toner cartridge by themselves, the manufacturer will not provide free maintenance service for the users.


Too Many Impurities between Magnetic Roller and doctor blade

The toner purchased by users is often different from the original toner. If different toners are mixed together, some large particles of impurities will be produced. Therefore, before replenishing the toner cartridge, clean up all the remaining toner in the toner cartridge. It is recommended that users buy high quality toner from reputable toner cartridge suppliers to avoid reducing the service life of the printer. 


91-2-Large photocopiers


Common Faults of Printer

If the printer prints out a blank sheet of paper, the user should first check whether the printer itself is damaged. If there is no problem with the printer, it means that the remanufactured toner cartridge is not installed properly. 


If there is some longitudinal black marks with the width of more than 1cm on the document printed by the printer, it indicates that there is a problem with the toner cartridge doctor blade, resulting in some residual toner on the magnetic roller. 


If there are some fine longitudinal black marks on the documents printed by the printer, it means that there are some stains or paper scraps of paper on the doctor blade.


If there are some horizontal black marks on the documents printed by the bluetooth laser printer, it means that a large amount of toner has accumulated on the magnetic roller in the toner cartridge. At this time, the user needs to clean up the toner. 


If there are a lot of gray marks on the printed document, it means that there is something wrong with the toner cartridge core or the toner. 


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