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What Should Be Considered before Buying a Copier?

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For many enterprises, copiers are a necessary office tool. Because copiers are expensive, you need to consider some problems before you buy them. 



Should You Buy a Copier?

As mentioned, the copier is expensive, so you need to consider whether you really need it. A copier with copy, print, scan and fax functions can cost thousands of dollars. Some higher end copiers are more expensive, and you can even buy a car with the money. In addition, if you want the copier to work properly, you also need to buy printer ink cartridges, white toner cartridges and other consumables, which are also expensive.



Should You Rent a Copier?

It's a good way to rent a copier from a dealer. It's more cost-effective than buying a copier. But it should be noted that the compatible ink cartridge and effective toner cartridge consumed in the printing process need to be purchased by yourself.



Do You Have Enough Space?

As we all know, the copier is a large equipment. A typical commercial copier takes about 15 to 20 square feet of office space. Although the copier itself is not that big, you need to leave enough space to use and maintain the copier. In addition, in order to save costs, some enterprises generally purchase a large number of ink jet ink cartridges, laser toner cartridges and paper at one time, so you also need enough space to store these items.



Do You Need Color Copying?

Copiers can be divided into monochrome copiers and color copiers. If you need to use color copying in the office, you need to buy a color copier. The price of color copier is often higher than that of monochrome copier, and its copying speed is slower than that of monochrome copier. Therefore, unless you really need color copying, there is no need to buy a color copier.



How Much Response Time Can You Tolerate?

All copiers need a period of time to warm up the body after starting, and then they can work normally. In general, the more advanced the copier, the shorter the response time, but the most advanced copier still needs about 10 seconds to warm up. Some older copiers take 45 to 90 seconds to warm up.


34-3-copier machine


How Much Downtime Can You Tolerate?

Copier is made up of many different parts. It has rich functions and high efficiency. But if the machine has a small fault, sometimes, the failure of a part will cause the whole equipment to shut down. Therefore, it is necessary to check and maintain the copier regularly so as not to shut down at the critical moment. If you have a good budget, you can also buy a spare copier.



What Kind of Connectivity Do You Want?

In order to improve work efficiency, many copiers are connected to computers. In addition to using USB connectivity, some copiers can also be connected with computers through the network, such as Wi-Fi. Before choosing a copier, you need to know its specific functions to determine which connectivity to use.


When the copier is working, it needs to consume UV ink cartridge, hp original toner cartridge and other consumables. In order to save cost, it is recommended to buy remanufactured ink cartridge and refilled toner cartridge. These products are not only cheap, but also of good quality. Asconn is a professional third-party ink cartridge manufacturer, which can provide customers with various types of high-quality products. 

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