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What Role Does the Ink Cartridge Play in the Success of the Business?

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Ink cartridges mainly refer to the parts used in inkjet printers to store printing ink and finally complete printing. From the perspective of the composition and structure of the ink cartridges on the market, the ink cartridges are divided into split ink cartridges and integrated ink cartridges.


Printer cartridges are divided into ink cartridges and toner cartridges or laser cartridges. In order to have excellent printing experience, you have to choose the right ink cartridges according to your business needs.


The Benefits of Printer Cartridges

In fact, it is necessary to research whether the product is beneficial to your business before investing in the product. There are many advantages to using printer ink cartridge.


Nature friendly

Printer cartridges help save energy and water resources, and reduce the greenhouse gases released by the manufacture of new cartridges. The recycling of printer cartridges is beneficial to users and important to nature. Recycling used ink cartridges will greatly reduce the use of metal and plastic.


Low price

Compared with new cartridges, remanufactured printer cartridges eliminate the interference caused by printing documents. Before destroying the ink cartridge, it can prolong the service life of the ink cartridge several times.


The ink cartridge is the carrier of ink. There is a print head on the ink cartridge. The nozzle is the core technology of inkjet printers, and the cost is relatively high. In addition, there is ink inside, so the ink cartridge is more expensive.


When the ink in the ink cartridge is used up, the ink can be added to the ink cartridge. The ink requires little technology, so it is also cheap to sell.


12-2-split ink cartridges


If the document is printed with transparent anti-fouling ink, the quality of the product will be improved, which can increase your business. High-quality printer cartridges can not only save you time and money, but also improve your reputation by printing high-quality documents.


The service life of printer cartridges is determined by such factors as printing volume, printing frequency and ink volume. The actual print volume of the ink cartridge may be affected by the coverage of the print content, the time interval between print jobs, and the number of times the print head is cleaned, causing the actual print volume to be different from the declared print volume. For example, HP 680/682 series ink cartridges are compatible with HP home printers. In the case of printing 5% coverage documents, color ink cartridges can print 150 pages of documents, and black ink cartridges can print 480 pages of documents. This type of ink cartridge can be used for one year when the monthly print volume does not exceed 40 pages. In addition, this type of ink cartridge with integrated head and water also has a single ink cartridge printing function, which is very convenient.


Finally, skilled printing plays a key role in the ineffective communication of large companies. Many business owners are unable to assess the impact of high-quality printer cartridges on their businesses. Where documents play an important role in business development, the role of ink cartridges is obvious.



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