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What Is the Fake Ink Exchange?

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The service life of printer ink cartridge is determined by such factors as printing volume, printing frequency and ink volume. The actual print volume of the ink cartridge may be affected by the coverage of the print content, the time interval between print jobs, the number of times to clean the print head, etc., which may cause the actual print volume to be different from the declared print volume.


The ink cartridge is too expensive (no print head). Many people hope to extend the life of ink cartridges in various ways to reduce costs. Here are two ways to extend the life of ink cartridge for a computer printer. The following mainly introduces this method of fake ink cartridges.


Fake Ink Change


Some printers do not measure ink consumption by detecting cartridge HP ink in the ink cartridge, but measure ink consumption by calculating the total print volume of characters. To be on the safe side, the manufacturer puts more ink in the ink cartridge than the rated ink consumption of this counter. We can set the counter to zero by using a fake ink change method, so that the original ink cartridge can still be used for printing, as long as there is ink in it.


65-3-black ink cartridge

When the ink out indicator on the printer is flashing, press the ink change button on the printer panel, and the ink cartridge holder will slide to the ink change position by itself. Open the cover of the cartridge holder, but do not remove the cartridge, and then close the cover of the cartridge holder. Then press the ink change button on the printer panel, and the printer starts to perform ink charging. After the ink is filled, you will see the ink level indicator bar in the printer operation interface is full again. Now you can use the ink cartridge that should be scrapped again. After this operation, the ink in the ink cartridge can be used up, which can increase at least 50% of the original print volume.


The problem after the fake ink replacement is that when the ink in the ink cartridge is really exhausted, the ink cartridge cannot be replaced in the usual way, but the cleaning button can be pressed. When the ink cartridge holder moves to the ink cartridge replacement position, forcibly turn off the power of the printer, and the ink cartridge holder lid can be lifted like normal ink replacement. Remove the ink cartridge that is out of ink. Do not put in the new ink cartridge at this time. Turn on the printer again. At this time, the printer detects that there is no ink. The ink end indicator will flash, and then replace the compatible ink cartridges according to the normal method.


Generally, it is stated in the manual of HP printer ink cartridge that the ink cartridge cannot be used after it is removed. The reason is that due to the special structure of the black ink cartridge, if the ink cartridge is removed midway, air will enter the nozzle duct, which will cause disconnection during printing. Moreover, the disconnection at this time will take several cleanings to extract the air, which will waste a lot of ink. Therefore, the printer machine warns the user that the HP 305 ink cartridge cannot be used after it is removed to prevent this situation. However, this method does not work well on some printers.

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