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What Is the Collision between Ancient and Modern Ink Cartridges?

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One of the Stationery-ink Cartridge


Ink cartridges are the stationery used to hold ink in the old days, and are known as the treasure of the study.


There is a copper ink cartridge in the cultural relics listed in the Nanjing Museum. It can be seen that there should be copper ink cartridges in the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty at the latest.


Ink cartridges have been popular since the Qing Dynasty. They were used to hold ink due to the production of liquid ink at that time. Until the liberation period, glass bottles were invented to replace the copper ink cartridges. Since then, copper ink cartridges have gradually withdrawn from the stage of history. A beautifully carved copper ink cartridge became the favorite of collectors. Early ink cartridges were mostly copper, and later were brass and cupronickel. After the establishment of Republic of China, ink cartridges made of silver, aluminum, jade, ceramic, and plastic appeared.


The carving technique of ink cartridges is mainly based on engraving techniques such as engraving and double hooks. In the carving process, some techniques of flat carving, bamboo carving, and seal carving are absorbed, and the inscriptions are mostly in the form of calligraphy, painting, and seal printing.


67-3-solvent ink cartridge

The Development of Ink Cartridges


The ink cartridge is an important part of the inkjet printer, and its quality will directly affect the printing effect of the inkjet printer. At the same time, ink cartridge is also a component that is more prone to failure.


With the development of science, can people use inkjet printers to make transplantable human organs? At present, scientists have used ink jet cartridges to "print" precise patterns of stem cells. Now scientists are applying this technology to a completely new field, exploring ways to print the three-dimensional structure of cells.


Currently, the results of this research are published in the published "Nature" magazine. Paul Calvert, a materials scientist at the University of Massachusetts in the United States, said that three-dimensional technology will help unlock the code of communication between cells. Perhaps in the future, artificial human organs can be manufactured by this inkjet printer.


The scientific community has a long tradition of using inkjet printers to study stem cells. American scientists have developed an "inkjet printer" for culturing stem cells, which can help scientists make better use of stem cells.


In order to design a new cell printer, Calvert purchased an inkjet printer from an electronics store, modified its core components and installed it on a software-controlled device in the laboratory. Calvert said that what you see installed in the middle of the machine is something similar to an inkjet printer ink cartridge. However, what the nozzle ejects is not various colors of ink, but different types of cell culture media. Although this cell printing device still uses a micro-needle printing mode, the cell culture medium is not damaged.


Calvert hopes that this technology can create tiny organs for medical testing. He also hopes that in the future, humans can produce transplantable organs according to their needs.


It is necessary to improve the ink utilization rate of ink cartridges, such as the use of refillable ink cartridge, spongeless ink cartridge, compatible ink cartridges and solvent ink cartridge.




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