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What Is The Difference Between LED and Laser Printing Technology?

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Laser printing is a common name for printing using a dry electrostatic transfer method. This method aims to make the toner adhere to the photosensitive cartridge in areas affected by light. Then, the toner is transferred to the paper to form an image, which is then cured by pressure and heat. In fact, static electricity transfers toner to the photosensitive cartridge.


Traditionally, they used a laser as a light source, but modern printers have another option-light-emitting diodes. From the customer's point of view, both light sources can produce the same prints, but they also have their own unique features.



What are the advantages of LED printing technology?


1. Space Efficiency and No Moving Parts

Like most modern electronic components, the light source in an LED printer consists of thousands of light-emitting diodes (2500 to 10,000 pieces) assembled on a printed circuit board. Since the size of the light emitting diode is very small, it can be placed very densely in the LED print head. At the same time, laser printers use a sophisticated system of complex mirrors and polygonal prisms (hissing when printing). As we all know, systems with moving parts are not as reliable as systems without moving parts.


2. No Ozone is Produced

Ozone is a very active chemical element, useful for people in small doses, but harmful if excessive. One of the sources of household ozone is printers and copier machine. Previously, these devices used corona wires, which can conduct high-voltage currents. In contact with this wire, the air is ionized and turned into ozone. In modern printing and copying equipment, the corona wire was replaced by a special roller, and the emission of ozone was discovered. However, portable laser printers still have an ozone source, which is a laser beam. The beam passes through the mirror and lens a long distance until it reaches the cartridge surface. The beam electrifies the air and produces ozone on the way, but in fact it is less than the corona wire.


LED printers do not have this disadvantage. The distance between the LED of the print head and the photosensitive cartridge is very short, and there is nothing to ionize. This is why LED printers are the most environmentally friendly equipment for printing with toner.


8-3-compatible toner cartridge

3. Higher Imaging Accuracy

To explain this, I will provide some technical background.

In a laser printer, a laser beam runs on the surface of a photosensitive drum to form image lines. In order to reach the center of the surface and its edges, the laser beam must cover shorter and longer paths, respectively. Therefore, the distance between adjacent points is different. In addition, the light beam irradiates the photosensitive drum at an angle, which makes the dot not circular but elliptical. In an LED printer, there is a "personal" light-emitting diode at each point on the surface of the drum. The distance between the diodes in the LED print head is the same, and the dot shape remains the same along the length of the photosensitive drum. These features provide high imaging accuracy in the center and center of the edge of the paper. Frankly speaking, this difference is only noticeable when printing fine details such as microfilm.


4. Information Security

The laser diode used in mini laser printers emits a series of light pulses to produce an electrostatic image of the photosensitive drum. Like any other electronic device, the emission of laser diodes is not limited by infrared radiation. It also generates radio signals, so it can be used as a radio transmitter. With the development of modern technology, these signals can be intercepted, so that the content of the digital laser printer can be restored. Just like laser printers, the equipment is also based on LED technology, such as radio pulses. However, due to the large number of diodes in the working print head and they flicker at the same time, it is impossible to interpret the light emitted by each diode and restore the printed image. Of course, this is only important when you print some confidential or security-sensitive documents.

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