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What If the Ink Cartridge Nozzle Is Blocked?

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Cartridge nozzle is clogged Inkjet printers, which are are different from the dry printing media used by dot matrix printers and laser printers. The ink used in color inkjet printers is wet. If your printer is not used for a long time, or the environment is too dry, it will cause the ink to dry and block the print head due to the large amount of water evaporation. In addition, if the same ink cartridge has been filled with different brands and different varieties of ink, especially low-quality ink, it is also prone to deposits and clogging the nozzle.


Once the printer nozzle is blocked, the printed documents, images, photos, etc. may appear missing lines, broken lines, color abnormalities, illegible handwriting, and lack of color. In severe cases, the printer simply fails to print. Once the above situation occurs, you need to clean the printer's nozzles.


Simple Software Tools


If the clogging of the printer nozzle is not serious, but the printing effect is poor, then you only need to do simple cleaning work. You can use the software tool that comes with the printer driver to clean it. Almost every inkjet printer comes with a cartridge cleaning tool. When cleaning, first put a piece of ordinary printing paper into the printer.


The operation method is as follows: click the buttons of starting, settings, printers and faxes. In the pop-up properties window, select the preferred page for printing, maintenance, and cleaning. The cleaning ink cartridge interface will appear, then press OK to confirm, and the printer will automatically enter the cleaning ink cartridge status. Irregular mechanical noises will be emitted inside the printer. Wait for the power light to stay on and after the sound disappears, the ink cartridge cleaning process is over. After cleaning, print a test page to check the 2588 cartridge ink. If it is still not ideal, you can continue to repeat the above operation (clean again).


68-3-HP compatible ink cartridge

Manual Cleaning


Prepare a clean small plate or dish or the like, pour some warm water into it, and soak the ink cartridge nozzle in the water for two to ten hours.


Pour warm water or cleaning fluid into the container, the height should be just at the level with the nozzle. Be careful not to let the cleaning fluid touch the circuit board of the nozzle. Let the nozzle continue to soak in the cleaning solution for about 1 hour and wait for it to soak. After the soaking is complete, take out the ink cartridge of the print head, turn the direction of the print head outward, dry it vigorously and use a napkin to absorb the ink from the ink cartridge nozzle. In addition, you can also choose to use a cleaning solution to soak or use alcohol instead. If you need to clean the inner sponge of the ink cartridge, give the handheld printer ink cartridge a thorough cleaning.


After cleaning the nozzle, it is best to put it in a dry and ventilated environment to let it dry naturally, or use a fan to blow it dry to ensure that there is no residual cleaning fluid or moisture inside. Then you can install the ink cartridge back to the printer (make sure the print head is completely dry, otherwise it may burn the print head!). At this point, even if the cleaning process of the ink cartridge nozzle is completed, after the HP compatible ink cartridge is on the machine, print a test page first to compare the results before and after.

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