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What Are the Factors Affecting the Price of Toner Cartridges

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Toner cartridges, also known as printer toner cartridges, are generally composed of a basic substrate made of aluminum and a photosensitive material coated on the substrate. According to the different photosensitive materials, there are basically three types: OPC cartridge (organic photoconductive material), toner cartridge (Se selenium) and ceramic cartridge (a-si ceramic). From the point of view of life, OPC cartridges have a short lifespan, generally only about 3000 pages, and of course the price is the cheapest. The life of the Se cartridge is about 9,000 pages, and the life of the a-si cartridge can reach 90,000 pages. The price naturally rises by analogy. In terms of composition, the general OPC cartridge has only three layers. The first layer is an aluminum tube, the second layer is an insulating layer, and the third layer is a photosensitive layer. The surface of the cartridge (Se selenium) and ceramic cartridge (a-si ceramic) is composed of four to five layers of material. Especially for ceramic cartridges, the fourth layer is the first protective layer, and the fifth layer is the second protective layer. The fourth and fifth layers are used to protect the photosensitive layer to ensure the long life of the laser toner cartridge.


As we all know, the price of printer cartridges in the market varies, with high and low prices. The price gap of some compatible toner cartridges is not big, and some gaps can reach several times, so the price of toner cartridges is not uniform. Normally, original toner cartridges are of good quality and high price, while non-original toner cartridges are cheap, so you need to choose toner cartridges according to your own pricing. So what are the factors that affect the price of toner cartridges?



1. How much is the printer cartridge

Original: Toner cartridges range from 200 to 500 yuan, commercial toner cartridges with higher print volume range from 500 to 1,000 yuan, and a set of four-color toner cartridges for color laser printing usually cost one to two thousand or more.

Compatible toner cartridges: A4 format is the cheapest around 30, and the most expensive is around 150. No matter how expensive it is, don't be fooled.

Original old toner cartridge: about 30-50 yuan, not more than 50 yuan. If the original toner cartridge is not sold for depreciation, 30 yuan can not be sold.


6-1-printing industry


2. Factors affecting the price of printer cartridges

1) Affected by the toner cartridge configuration

The higher the toner cartridge configuration, the higher the price, and the higher the quality of the cartridge core, the higher the price.


2) Affected by brand

The office supplies market has developed rapidly in recent years, but there is no relevant policy to suppress refurbished toner cartridges, so there are many flaws in the market. For example, many people recycle old toner cartridges and directly fill them with toner or refurbish them. Of course, the price of these toner cartridges will be relatively low, but the quality of these toner cartridges cannot be guaranteed.


3) Influenced by the local market

According to some local market conditions, toner cartridge pricing must be considered by all manufacturers.


4) There are original toner cartridges, universal compatible toner cartridges

Generally, the original toner cartridge is designed according to the model of the toner cartridge, and the matching degree is high, the cost is high, and the price is much higher than that of the universal toner cartridge. General toner cartridges have been selling well in recent years because of their price advantages.

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