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What Are the Classifications of Ink Cartridges?

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Modern ink cartridges mainly refer to the parts used in inkjet printers to store printing ink and finally complete printing. In ancient times, it refers to the writing utensils used by people to hold ink.


From the perspective of the composition and structure of the ink cartridges on the market, in general, the ink cartridges can be divided into separate ink cartridges and integrated ink cartridges.


Integrated Ink Cartridge


The integrated ink cartridge is to integrate the print head on the ink cartridge. When the ink for printer cartridges are used up and a new ink cartridge is replaced, which means that a new print head is replaced at the same time. Using this kind of ink cartridge can achieve relatively high printing accuracy, and can guarantee the printing quality. Since the print head is replaced with the sojet ink cartridge, the print quality will not decrease due to the wear of the inkjet head. However, this ink cartridge design structure increases the cost, and the price of such ink cartridges is relatively high.


HP products mostly use this kind of ink cartridges. However, at present, in order to save printing costs, users often refill the cartridge ink into the empty ink cartridge by themselves after the ink cartridge is used up. Generally speaking, as long as the operation is correct, the filled ink will not cause much damage to the nozzle. Even if it does not succeed, what is scrapped is just a cartridge that should have been scrapped. This situation generally does not cause harm to the printer. It is also impossible for this type of ink cartridge to limit the number of times the user can fill up the ink. Generally speaking, after the original ink is used up, it can be filled 3 to 4 times. If you find that the print quality has dropped significantly, it means you need to replace a new HP original ink cartridge.


63-2-separate ink cartridges

Split Ink Cartridge


Split ink cartridge refers to a product that separates the nozzle and ink cartridge design. The starting point of this structural design is mainly to reduce printing costs. Because this kind of ink cartridge is not integrated on the print nozzle, the print nozzle can continue to be used when the ink cartridge is invalid. At the same time, it simplifies the user's disassembly and assembly process of the ink cartridge, and reduces the chance of artificial damage to the printer. However, this ink cartridge structure also has obvious defects. That is, the nozzles will not be updated in time. As the working hours of the printer increase, the quality of the printer naturally declines until the nozzles deteriorate.


In terms of cost, this kind of ink cartridge is lower than the integrated ink cartridge, but this kind of ink cartridge does not allow users to fill the ink casually. In split ink cartridges, it can be divided into single-color ink cartridges and multi-color ink cartridges according to the color. Monochrome ink cartridges mean that each color is individually packaged, and it is ok to change which color is used up, without causing waste. Multi-color ink cartridges refer to packaging multiple colors in one ink cartridge. If one color is used up, even if there are several other colors, the entire ink cartridge must be replaced. Obviously, monochrome ink cartridges are more economical.

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