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Toner Flash Charging Technology Subverting Traditional Printing Cognition

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On May 30, 2019, HP Company held the 2019 HP Innovative Commercial Printer Summer New Product Launch Conference with the theme "Unconventional" at Kuntai Jiarui Cultural Center in Beijing. At the conference, HP’s new generation of "Creative Series" 1020 monochrome laser printer and 1005 three-in-one multifunction (printing, copying and scanning) all-in-one printers were launched in the world. This series of products uses breakthrough intelligent flash toner charging technology to achieve 15-second toner charging, which overturns the traditional perception of toner replenishment methods.


Users can enjoy the high-quality printing quality of original consumables at a very low printing cost. The "Chuang series" model adopts a large-capacity toner cartridge design. It only costs 199 yuan to fill the toner twice, and it can easily print 5000 pages. The cost of printer consumables for a single print is as low as four cents.


The old HP 1020/1005 went on the market in 2005, and the cumulative sales of the two laser printers exceeded 10 million units, with good sales both online and offline. Its quality is reliable and durable, the use cost is low and it is suitable for various paper types. This upgrade not only optimizes the size and panel, but with the support of the new print engine, the printing speed has also increased from 14 pages per minute to 20 pages per minute.


The newly released models include: HP Laser NS1020, HP Laser NS 1020W, HP Laser NS 1020c, HP Laser NS 1005, HP NS MFP 1005W, HP NS MFP 1005C. Among them, the model without the suffix is the standard version, and the original comes with two toner cartridges, which can print 5000 pages. The model with the suffix C is a half-pack version, which can print 2500 pages. The model with the suffix W is the wireless version. Wireless and cloud printing functions are added to the standard version.


1-3-cartridges toner

"Chuang series" models further deepen the practice of cartridges toner separation, making the convenient toner supply of original factory quality a reality. In the mass printing scene, the printing operation cost of users is greatly reduced. According to market characteristics and technological development trends, HP chose to launch the series in Beijing for the world's first time, enabling Chinese users to be ahead of foreign regions and enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by flash charging technology earlier. Such an innovative and intelligent Continuous Toner Supply System platform may also be applied to overseas printers in the future, bringing a milestone change to the printing industry worldwide.


In addition to creating a series of smart flash charging printers, at this press conference, HP also released the Huicai series of continuous printers, the sharp series of digital printers, and the Huishang series of color multifunction printers, a total of 32 new products in 4 series, expanding HP's commercial printer product array to meet customers' printing needs in different scenarios, such as color, large print volume, and mobile connection.


To put it simply, the Huishang series provides a variety of optimized designs that can simplify operations, improve work efficiency, and enhance connection reliability and safety, and have more business functions. It is an excellent choice for small and micro enterprise office environments.


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