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Tips You Need to Know about Printers

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The printer is a kind of precise electronic equipment, so users need to pay special attention when cleaning and using the printer to avoid damaging it. Here are some tips for using and cleaning the printer.



Tips for Using Printer

When using the printer, if there are peculiar smell, smoke and abnormal sound from the machine, please cut off the power supply of the printer immediately and contact the professional maintenance personnel. 


It is strictly forbidden to place any objects on the top of the thermal printer. If you do not use the printer for a long time, please remove its plug from the socket. 


Try to avoid using the laser printer in thunderstorm weather and unplug it from the socket. Because using the printer in thunderstorm weather may cause it to be damaged by lightning. 


Do not use the digital printer without ink cartridge, toner cartridge and printing paper, otherwise the print head and paper roller may be damaged.


The print head will be heated when it is working, so it is forbidden to touch it before the temperature on the surface of the print head drops to avoid skin scalding. 


Do not touch the cable connector of the printer and the metal part of the print head. Do not touch the print head when the printer is working.


When the printer is running, it is forbidden to cut off the power of the printer. Please do not move or disassemble the printer at will. If the machine fails, please contact the professional maintenance personnel.


It is forbidden to let foreign matters such as staples, metal sheets and liquid into the printer, otherwise it will lead to circuit short circuit or machine failure. 


Before starting the printer, make sure that the power line and data line of the printer are normal. 


When the printer is running, please do not move, drag the printer, and do not turn off the power of the printer. 


If the user needs to print a large amount of paper, it is recommended to pause the printer for a few minutes after running for a period of time, so as to avoid the damage of the printer due to overheating. 


When using the printer, make sure the surface of the paper is smooth and flat, otherwise the printer is likely to be stuck by the paper. 


46-2-12a cartridge toner 

Tips for Cleaning Printer

Before cleaning the printer, please read the product manual carefully to avoid damaging the printer due to improper operation.


Cut off the power to the printer before cleaning it. After that, the user needs to remove the ink jet cartridge or high quality toner cartridge from the printer. 


After removing the black ink cartridge and original toner cartridge, use a soft cloth to clean the cartridge toner powder or ink inside the machine. Please do not use detergent or clean water to clean the inside of the printer, otherwise the machine will be damaged. 


After cleaning, install the premium laser toner cartridge or compatible ink cartridge on the printer again, then start the printer and check whether it works properly.


To know more about printer cleaning and maintainance tips, visit our website.

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