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How to increase the printing speed of the printer?

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Did you know that you can increase the printing speed of your digital printer? I think everyone will be surprised to hear this news. There are many factors that affect printing speed. Below I will introduce 11 basic methods to speed up printing.



Connection method

Although it is convenient to connect to the label printer via WiFi, the speed of printing via WiFi is significantly lower than when connecting via a USB cable. Therefore, if possible, use a USB cable connection to speed up printing.



Print quality

If the print quality is not particularly important to you when printing certain types of documents, we recommend reducing the print quality to significantly increase the printing speed. Of course, if you need to print important documents, its best not to ignore their quality.




Just as increasing the RAM of a personal computer has a positive effect on its performance, increasing the RAM of a portable printer will increase its productivity and, of course, it can also increase printing speed. Contact the seller before doing this operation, so as not to damage the cartridge.


 60-2-printer machine

Document content settings

Set the font in the document, reduce the font size and select the font, you can reduce the number of pages in the document, thereby increasing the printing speed.



Printer task

Check the queue of documents in the hp printer sent to print. Don't let the documents in the queue prevent your current document from printing.



Replace the printer

If your thermal printer is very old, it may not be able to print quickly. Therefore, if printing speed is important to you, replacing the printer machine is a solution.



Tracking the operating system

The status of the operating system and the type of running system also affect the printing speed. Operating system problems may slow down the processing speed of documents before they are sent to the print queue. Therefore, in order to speed up printing, please keep the system in a stable working state.



Prevent information leakage

When the document is transferred from the computer to the inkjet printer, your information has been leaked. Protecting information security is very important. In the process of moving between the computer and the laser printer, the document is at risk of being stolen. In order to ensure document security and to ensure the transmission speed of the printer, please keep the security software updated.



Update printer firmware

Although not as many as the other methods in this list, updating other printer supplies may increase printing speed. This is because the amount of ink for handheld cartridge and the supply speed can be adjusted during these updates. Moreover, the interaction with the print head can be optimized.



Pay attention to paper quality

Although the choice of paper is not an important factor affecting the printing speed, you may find that it will affect the printing speed, which is interesting because the print head will "stick" to low-grade paper. To avoid this situation, please buy higher quality paper.



Upgrade processor

By increasing the speed at which jobs can be processed, updating printers and computer processors can increase printing speed. But please keep in mind that any unauthorized update of printer parts may bring the risk of loss of warranty. Therefore, it is best to contact the seller before replacing the processor.

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