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How to choose a Printer that Suits You?

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According to different classification, printers can be divided into different types. According to the working methods, printers are divided into dot matrix printers, inkjet printers, laser printers and so on.


According to the purpose, it can be divided into commercial printers, household printers, special printers, Bluetooth printers, portable printers, etc. Commercial printer is usually used for the documents required to be printed in business. The quality of home printers is relatively high, and sometimes they need to deal with documents with pictures and texts. Therefore, high-resolution laser printers are generally used. The special printer generally refers to all kinds of printers, bankbook printers, flat push bill printers, bar code printers, thermal printers and other printers used for special systems. Bluetooth printer is a small printer, through Bluetooth to achieve data transmission. It can print all kinds of tickets. Portable printer is generally used with notebook computer, with the characteristics of small size, light weight and so on.


With different requirements, people will choose different printers. Next, we will talk about how to choose a proper printer.



The Right Fit

On the Amazon pages, most are just affiliate marketing links that throw kickbacks to the original website. It is difficult to find the right information that is related to the size of the printer. As we all know, apart from the printer, other printer supplies should also be taken into consideration. It is of great importance because a right printer is that matches your unique workplace needs. Some printers are suitable for specific verticals like the manufacturing industry, while others are perfect for a small business.


For example, cartridges also vary from sizes, such as 304 ink cartridge, 302 ink cartridge, hp 963 ink cartridge, etc. if a printer is too small, it will compromise productivity and result in more breakdowns. A printer that is too powerful is a bad investment, resulting in wasted space, dried up ink cartridges and unnecessary energy consumption.


Therefore, when choosing printers, you should think about the following aspects. Inkjet or a laser printer? A copier machine or a printer? Multifunction or just monochrome?


Consider the Cost of maintaining the Printer

According to some statistics, employees wasting about 22 minutes a day on IT issues including printing, totaling up to 91 hours a year. Therefore, it is useful taking care of your printer, which can reduce document interruption and keep it tuned-up. You can first ensure that you have the best possible printer ink cartridges so that your printer isn’t worn down or damaged. To reduce printer-destroying paper jams, you should also pay special attention to loading paper.



Consider the Cost of the Printer

The most suitable printer in the world is not a high-quality printer if it drains the budget. Even if you take care of your printer as diligently as mentioned in the previous section, there will be some expenses. Manufactures in the printer industry know that people need to go beyond the printer itself and consider the cost of buying and operating commercial printers. Operating costs, including services and printer cartridges, are much higher than the cost of the printer itself.



All in all, we have to consider many factors to choose the right printer.

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