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How to achieve environmentally friendly printing in the office?

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Nowadays, high-tech equipment has brought convenience to our production and life, and with it, there is nowhere to put electronic waste. Let me introduce to you how to achieve environmentally friendly printing in the office.



1. Develop an office printing strategy

The study found that most offices did not adopt a formal printing policy. Equally bad is that two thirds of companies do not track printing costs. You can develop a printing strategy to save money.



2. Track printer usage

It is not enough to have a printing strategy, and the printing environment must be optimized. Do you know that? American companies spend more than $120 billion annually on printing. So, how do you track printer machine usage? Printer monitoring can automatically and digitally track the amount of cartridge toner powder and each piece of printing paper, and provide simple indicators at the touch of a button. The hp printer monitoring produced by our company is safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.



3. Consider hosting printing services

In this digital economy, anything can be outsourced to obtain profitable results. Cooperate with hosted printing providers to transfer printer problems to specialized experts, so that people in the office can focus on their work. More importantly, hosted printing services can reduce business costs by 20-30%.


 58-3-empty ink cartridge

4. Don't discard the used ink cartridges

Most people throw empty ink cartridges in the trash can. More than 375 million printer ink cartridges are landfilled every year. Compatible ink cartridges are non-degradable and toxic, and a large amount of toxic waste has caused a serious burden on the environment. This is a serious problem. Considering the sustainable development of the brand, we can help the office become environmentally friendly through a number of green initiatives.



5. Use the printer's energy-saving mode

While we are pursuing environmental protection, saving energy can save money. The thermal printer is an electric black hole. Because the printer in the office is mostly in standby mode. It does not print all the time. Therefore, turn off the power of the inkjet printers after get off work or if it is not used for a long time. For all electronic devices, do not confuse the screen saver with sleep mode. Electricity is still being consumed quietly in sleep mode.



6. Use the printer's default settings to save costs

Most printer drivers have simple default setting options that can help your office save costs. A popular default setting stored on the hp toner 85a cartridge is to print in black and white/draft mode instead of high-quality printing.



7. Different arrangements of various printers

If you have multiple printers, you can accomplish different tasks according to the different characteristics of each printer. Generally, the more expensive the printer, the cheaper the cost per page printed. Small desktop inkjet printers are more suitable for color documents, but for ordinary old black and white printers, their cost is often 5 to 20 times higher than the cost of printing on large equipment.



8. Care printer

Maybe you don't pay so much attention to the printer, and only come to it when you need it. However, cleaning and maintaining the printing equipment regularly can make your office more environmentally friendly. After unplugging the printer, wipe the outside of the printer with a damp cloth to remove dust. Turn on the printer, and then use a soft microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol solution to clean the inside. Do not use compressed air, as this will push the trash to places you cannot reach.



9. Heed the low toner warning

In fact, after the toner warning light is turned on, there is still up to 25% of the toner in the toner cartridge in many ink cartridges. If you replace the hp 130a toner cartridge at this time, you may miss the opportunity to print 400-500 pages of documents.

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