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How to Use Laser Printer to Reduce the Amount of Toner Used?

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Laser printers use electrophotographic technology. This technology uses a laser beam to scan the optical drum, and by controlling the on and off of the laser beam to make the sensor drum absorb or not absorb the toner, the optical drum transfers the absorbed toner to the paper to form a printing result. Laser printer toner cartridges can be divided into the following three categories according to the combination method, one-piece toner cartridge, two-body toner cartridge and three-body toner cartridge. The toner in the toner cartridge is the key to imaging during the printing process.


Changing color printing habits is one of the effective ways to reduce costs and environmental protection. From unnecessary color printing to premature replacement of the varnish toner cartridge, both are not economical practices.


81-3-solvent ink cartridge

Ways to Reduce Toner Usage With Your Laser Printer


1. Low toner warning


When a low toner warning appears on a laser printer, many people choose to replace the integral toner cartridge immediately. This approach is not advisable. Because this kind of warning may be a signal that there is still 25% toner remaining in the toner cartridge. 25% toner may mean you can print an extra 400-500 pages with the same ink cartridge. Generally, the quality remaining toner should be replaced when the page is faded, rather than immediately after receiving a warning, to ensure the maximum use of the ink cartridge.


2. Reduce stop/start loop


In addition to waiting for the replacement of laser printer cartridges, it is also advisable to avoid the use of stop/start cycles to further reduce usage. During the stop/start cycle, even if no printing is performed, toner will accumulate on the photosensitive drum. This is a wasteful practice. To avoid this, go to the "Printer Properties" tab on your computer and adjust the settings so that the page will only start printing after the last page is processed in the background. This can reduce the number of times the printer stops and restarts, thereby saving a lot of toner powder for HP 128 cartridges.



3. Use print preview


Print preview is an effective option to improve paper efficiency, especially when printing web pages. There will be a lot of irrelevant content on the page, such as blank ads at the end of the article or random user comments. By viewing the preview, you can see exactly what to print, the number of pages to be printed, and whether there are extra pages that can be completely cut out from the printing. This will greatly reduce the amount of toner and paper.


When printing in color, please be especially alert to advertisements, because they waste more toner than extra text. The best practice is to copy the text on the web page and paste it into the document before making a copy.


4. Print in black and white when possible


In addition to the above-mentioned effective methods to save solvent ink cartridge and cartridge toner powder, printing in black and white or grayscale is another method. The specific operation is that you can make adjustments under "Printer Settings". Avoid using graphics and images when printing.

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