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How to Reset the Printer Toner Cartridge?

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The Methods of Resetting the Printer Toner Cartridge


Speaking of resetting the printer toner cartridge, the methods include manual resetting and software resetting.


1. Manually clear.


If you want to perform a thorough software reset, this step is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, the printer cannot be found at all when resetting with software, or even crashes.


The first step is to turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from the power outlet.


The second step is to press the power button of the printer and plug in the power cord at the same time (the power light of the machine is on).


The third step is to press the paper feed button 4 times without releasing the power button. The power light shows yellow, green, yellow and green (some are yellow and orange).


The fourth step is to release the power button. After the machine starts, the power light goes out.


The fifth step is to reboot. The machine is turned on normally, and then connected to the computer.


2. Software reset.


The above is only manual reset. Using software to clear the sojet ink cartridge and ink cartridge for a computer printer can play a thorough role. There are many clearing software on the Internet. Usually the reset software of several hundred KB is not effective at all.


Open the repair software. After the program window appears, select the USB port corresponding to the printer in the USB PORT item in the upper right corner.


Click the I255 button under SET DESTINATION, and then check the CLEAING and EEPROM CLEAR options. Then click the TEST PATTERN 2 button. The printer power light flashes, and the machine starts to reset. After the power light stops flashing, restart it.


Just press the READ SERIAL NUMBER button.


72-3-ink toner cartridge

How to Reset HP Printer Cartridges?


1. Gently peel off the label paper on the ink cartridge to expose the ink filling hole.


2. The 5 small holes arranged under the label can generally be filled with ink. But for safety's sake, please make sure that the hole with ink stains facing the light is determined as the ink filling hole.


3. For black ink cartridge, add 4-5ML each time, and add about 3ML each time for each color. If it is difficult to distinguish color ink cartridges, toothpicks can be used. For 5 holes, just find the red, blue and yellow 3 holes, and leave the remaining 2 holes alone. The 816 and 817 experience ink cartridges have only 1 hole for black and 3 holes for color. The ink filling method is the same as the above, but please reduce the amount of ink. Add about 3 for black each time, and add about 2ML for each color each time.


What should we do if the ink collector is full? Turn on the printer, take out the black sponge at the bottom, wash it under the water pipe, press to remove the water, and dry or blow dry, and then put it back. After such processing, the general alarm information will be gone. Even if there is an alarm, you can just ignore it. If you have insufficient hands-on ability, you can also put the printer in a well-ventilated place for a few days. After a few days, the waste ink will evaporate naturally, and the alarm will be automatically eliminated. In fact, for printers that use pen ink cartridges, refillable ink cartridges and compatible ink cartridges, the ink cartridge cleaning methods are also different.

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