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How to Replace the Toner Cartridge Chip?

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Toner cartridge chip is a device on the digital laser printer, which can be connected with the printer through direct contact or radio frequency. The toner cartridge chip is usually installed on a small circuit board to store information and requests from the corresponding serial laser printer. If the toner cartridge chip is missing or damaged, the printer will not work properly. Therefore, the toner cartridge chip is an important device on the printer. The following describes the function of the toner cartridge chip and how to replace it. 



The Function of the Toner Cartridge Chip

Receiving Information

The toner cartridge chip can receive the information from the printer. This information mainly includes the toner amount and toner coverage. The information is collected by the printer and sent to the toner cartridge chip, and finally stored on the chip. In order to ensure the normal operation of the parallel laser printer, the information on the chip is often unrecoverable. This is why the chip needs to be replaced. When the toner in the cartridge is used up, if the users do not want to replace the cartridge, they must add toner to the cartridge and replace the chip.


Storing Information

In addition to storing the information fed back by the printer, the toner cartridge chip can also store the model of the toner cartridge and other information. If the dot matrix laser printer can not recognize this information, it will not work properly.


Feeding Back Information

Sometimes, the toner cartridge chip needs to feed back the information to the printer, so that the printer can know the condition of the toner cartridge at any time, so as to ensure the normal operation of the printer. 


90-3-Laser copier

Controlling Printing

After receiving the feedback information from the toner cartridge chip, the printer can decide whether to continue printing. When the toner in the original toner cartridge is insufficient, the chip will give a warning to the printer, so that the printer will stop running. After the printer stops running, it will send a prompt to the user to remind the user to replace the toner cartridge.


It should be noted that a printer can only match some specific models of toner cartridge. Therefore, when users select toner cartridge, they must first check which models of genuine toner cartridge the printer can match. 



How to Replace the Toner Cartridge Chip?

After replenishing the empty toner cartridge, if the compatible toner cartridge is directly installed in the printer, the printer often cannot operate normally. This is because the information on the cartridge chip cannot be read by the printer. At this time, the user needs to replace the cartridge chip or reset the chip. The following describes how to replace the cartridge chip.


First of all, the user needs to turn off the power of the printer, and then remove the toner cartridge from the portable laser printer.


Then, the user needs to clean up the remaining toner in the used toner cartridge.


After that, the user can add new toner to the cartridge before replacing the cartridge chip. If the chip is replaced directly, it is easy to burn the chip. When replacing the chip, the user can use tweezers to remove the chip, and then install the new chip in the original position.

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