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How to Rent a Printer?

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It is true that many businesses cannot afford employees’ demand for printers. Including toner and repairs costs, printer machine and copier machine can range from thousands of dollars to more than 10,000 dollars, which might not be affordable for small-to-medium organizations. Instead, today for businesses, it is an attractive choice to lease a printer or a copier. After all, verticals like finance or legal lean heavily on printed documents.


If there is no difference in function for the similar printer, using different printer ink cartridges and cartridge inks may effectively improve the quality of printing. Thus, leasing a printer or copier can alleviate the budget. Taking service and repairs into consideration, printer leasing also alleviates stress and downtime. The cost of leasing is relatively less than the cost of recycling an old printer. So, you do not have to think about how to recycle an old machine.


However, once benefits such as printer monitoring or automated supply delivery are included, printer leasing seems too incredible. Several details in a printer lease contract makes it difficult to lease a printer at the right price.



Hide the Interest Rate

On a printer lease agreement, you will never see the interest rate you are paying. Unless you ask, your interest rate may be twice, three times or even four times the cost of bank funds.



No Equipment Value

Printer rental only shows monthly or quarterly rental payments, which can hide your financing amount. When you want to upgrade or purchase a printer directly, it is difficult to determine the discount and buyout value.


 54-2-copier machine

Tough Buyout

Fair market value is the amount that a printer dealer can claim when you have the right to buy a printer at the end of the lease term. It is impossible to estimate a reasonable acquisition figure without knowing the initial value.



No Other Service

Printer rental does not take any responsibility for poor service quality or machine failure. Your lease and service agreement are independent contracts that operate independently of each other, so there is little recourse in the event of problems.



Five-year Contract

More than 80% of printers and MFPs are leased for 60 to 66 months, which is not easy for most enterprises to upgrade every three years. A longer term can reduce the monthly payment, but an early upgrade will bury the repayments in the meow lease.



Minimum Requirements for Printing

To offset the reduced number of printed pages, some printer dealers now bundle your monthly copy and print allowance with your rental payments. If you use less money than your allowance, you will still pay the same amount. If you use more money than you, you will have to pay extra.



We cannot deny that leasing printers are popular amount small businesses. If the printer or the copier you lease have problem in the other printer supplies like toner cartridge powder and color toner cartridge. You can consider our products. Established in 1999, located in Shanghai, our company is a leading high-tech company.


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