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How to Reduce the Cost of Toner Cartridges?

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Laser printer toner cartridges can be divided into the following three categories according to the combination: one-piece toner cartridge, two-body toner cartridge and three-body toner cartridge. Laser printers have won the favor of consumers for their good printing quality, low noise and high speed.


The toner cartridge is a very important part of the laser printer. The quality of the toner cartridge affects the quality of printing, and the life of the toner cartridge affects the printing cost. For laser printer users, there are three choices when replacing the toner cartridge: original toner cartridge, universal toner cartridge (or compatible toner cartridge), and refilled toner cartridge. Print quality is definitely the first factor that customers need to consider. Undoubtedly, original toner cartridges are obviously the best choice. The toner in the toner cartridge is the key to imaging during the printing process.


At present, the price of laser printers continues to drop, but the price of toner cartridges as the corresponding original consumables has not dropped at all, and some manufacturers have also set up various obstacles to prevent users from adding powder. This not only makes the laser printer expensive to use, but also causes serious environmental pollution if the toner cartridges are thrown everywhere.


Below we will learn about several tips to reduce the cost of ink and toner cartridge.


79-3-original toner cartridge

Restrict Color Printing


The cost of color printing pages is usually several times higher than that of black and white printing pages (only black toner cartridges powder). Avoiding the use of ordinary color print jobs as much as possible is an effective way to save costs. Double-sided printing is more economical than single-sided printing.


When to Replace the Toner Cartridge


When the low battery operation signal flashes, do not replace the toner cartridge immediately. For most printing devices, this indicator will appear when about 20% of toner remains in the toner cartridge. It is best to replace the toner sharp cartridge until the ink cartridge stops ejecting toner/toner.


Send Large Print Jobs to the Most Efficient Device


The price of a printer (or multifunction device) is inversely proportional to the cost of printing each page. The cost of a small desktop inkjet printer is often higher than the cost of printing the same job on a larger laser device.


Laser Equipment Replaces Inkjet Printers


It costs more to replace the ink cartridge of an inkjet printer than the printer itself. Laser printers tend to be more expensive, but for small and medium enterprises, the cost per page is lower.


Use the Default Settings of the Print Driver to Save


It is recommended that you choose the default setting options of the printer driver. If the document is for internal use only, you can choose this default setting to print the document in black and white/draft mode.


We learned earlier that toner is a low-cost and high-efficiency medium, but laser printers are expensive. The above-mentioned methods to reduce the cost of toner cartridges are effective. In addition, it is also a practical way to add powder to the toner cartridge by yourself.

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