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How to Prevent Paper Jam?

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When working, you may often encounter paper jam. Paper jam will make the ink jet printer and laser copier can not work properly, thus reducing your efficiency. Therefore, you need to take some measures to prevent paper jam. 


The main cause of paper jam is paper. The weight, size, coating and other parameters of different papers are different. If poor quality paper is used, it is easy to cause paper jam. Here are some ways to prevent paper jam. 



Don't Put Too Much Papers on the Paper Tray

Many bluetooth printers and digital copiers are equipped with paper trays. For ease of use, many people place the paper on the paper tray, even if the portable printer and copier are not running. Papers will absorb moisture from the air, and moisture will cause papers to expand, making paper jams more likely to occur. Therefore, when the photo printer and copier are not in use, it is recommended to place the papers in a cool and dry place instead of on the paper tray. 



Check the Papers

Please check the paper carefully before using the electrostatic printer and efficient copier. If there are wrinkles on the paper, it may cause paper jam. In addition, if the paper is curly, please do not put it into the printer and copier.


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Fan the Papers

Before placing the papers in the paper tray, fan the papers to make sure that the edges of the papers do not stick together. In addition, fanning the papers can also increase some air between the papers to speed up the printing speed.



Stacking the Papers

Before putting the paper into the paper tray, first stack the paper together, and then align the edges of them, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of paper jams.



Use Good Quality Paper

The surface of poor quality paper is often very rough, and with a lot of powder, which will increase the probability of paper jam. The good quality paper is not only smoother, but also stronger, which can reduce the probability of paper jam. 



Read the Guide in the Paper Tray Carefully

A guide is often pasted on the paper tray of printers and copiers, which describes in detail how to correctly place the paper on the paper tray. 



Pay Attention to the Weight of the Papers

Do not put paper of different weights in the paper tray. Before using the printer and copier, you need to check the user manual to make sure the settings of the printer machine and copier machine are correct. Don't put papers that exceed the weight limit in the paper tray. Your machine may not be able to handle them, resulting in paper jam. 



Do Not Open the Paper Tray During Printing

If you open the paper tray during the printing process, it will cause a paper jam and cause the printer to stop working. In addition, you need to remove the paper clips and staples on the document, and remove the stamps pasted on the document. Take the above method can effectively reduce the probability of paper jam, thus saving you more time.


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