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How to Maintain the Copier?

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Copier is an important office equipment. In order to minimize the downtime of the xerographic copier, you need to maintain and clean it regularly. Copier is a kind of precision office equipment which integrates optical, mechanical and electronic technology. Because the electrostatic copier uses static electricity to copy documents, it is easy to attach carbon powder, paper scraps and other impurities to its internal transmission parts, optical parts and circuit parts. These impurities will affect the copying effect of the photochemical copier. If the copier is not maintained for a long time, these impurities will hinder the heat dissipation of the copier and eventually lead to equipment damage. The following describes how to properly maintain the multifunctional copier. 


41-2-optical photocopier 

Maintenance Methods

Because the copier is used frequently, how to effectively maintain the copier and extend its service life as much as possible has become a topic of concern for many people. First, install the automatic copier in a clean room and keep it away from dust and water. In addition, do not put too heavy items on the thermal copier. In the process of use, do not let metal objects such as coins, paper clips and thumbtacks fall into the copier, so as to avoid these metal objects touching the circuit board, causing short circuit and damaging the digital copier. Turn off the power of the copier before unplugging it. When cleaning the copier, do not use chemical solvents and hard towel to clean the dust, stains and shredded paper inside the copier. Do not use paper towel to clean the laser copier, so as not to leave paper scraps in the copier. If the copier fails, turn off the power supply of the copier before maintenance. If the copier is maintained under the condition of power on, it will not only reduce its service life, but also threaten the safety of maintenance personnel.


The modern and efficient copier needs to use the toner cartridge to work normally, and the original toner cartridge is an expensive consumables, so if you want to reduce the cost of use, you need to take good care of the toner cartridge. The cartridge is sensitive to light, so you have to put it in a dark place. In order to avoid soiling the surface of the cartridge, you also need to place it in a clean, flat position. It should be noted that do not touch the toner cartridge directly, because the grease on the hand may cause permanent damage to the toner cartridge, thus affecting the copy effect. In addition, when you take out the toner cartridge, if you find a lot of toner inside the copier, you need to clean up the toner in time before you can turn on the power.


These are some suggestions for maintaining the copier properly. If you master these methods, then you can make your copier in the best possible state, so as to improve your office efficiency. Copier is a kind of precise equipment, only reasonable maintenance can ensure its efficiency. 

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