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How to Know if Your Toner Cartridge Needs to be Replaced?

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In the process of using the printer, will you find some stripes, spots or missing areas on the printed documents? Will your print fade? These phenomena indicate that you may need to replace the toner cartridge in the laser printer.


When your family or business purchased a high quality laser printer, you hope it can maximize your work efficiency and bring you the maximum benefits. A high quality toner cartridge can print 2000 to 20000 pages of paper. When your toner cartridge is about to be used up, it will give you some warning signals to avoid waste of paper. Here are a few signs to let you know that the toner cartridge in the printer is running out.



Low Toner Coverage

If you find that the text or pattern printed by your digital printer is uneven, and some areas are even blank, or the printed text becomes blurred, it means that your toner cartridge is almost used up. Therefore, you should replace a new toner cartridge as soon as possible to avoid more paper being wasted. 



Toner Clumps and Spots

When your toner cartridge is about to be used up, a small amount of residual toner in it will pile up and form clamps. When you print with this toner cartridge, there will be some spots and stripes on the paper. At this point, you can take the toner cartridge out of the portable printer and shake it a few times to make the toner clamps return to powder. In this way, you can continue to use the toner cartridge for several days. After that, you need to replace a new toner cartridge. 


100-3-hp 826 toner cartridge


Printer Warnings

Nowadays, most laser photo printers are equipped with automatic alarm function. When your toner cartridge is almost used up, the indicator light on the display panel of the laser label printer will start to flash, prompting you to replace the toner cartridge in time. When you find that the indicator light on the display panel starts flashing, you can continue to use the cartridge for a while. After that, you need to buy a new cartridge and install it on the printer. 



How to Choose Toner Cartridge?

When choosing original toner cartridge, we need to know the R&D capabilities of the manufacturer first. Manufacturers with strong R&D capabilities can produce high quality chips, so that the genuine toner cartridge can quickly match the printer, making the printing more smooth and stable. In addition, these manufacturers also have precision manufacturing equipment, which can effectively avoid the error caused by manual production.


Secondly, we need to check the raw materials of toner. The toner made of high quality raw materials is fine and uniform. The characters printed by this kind of premium toner cartridge are high temperature resistant, not easy to fade and clear. In addition, the words and patterns printed by high quality toner cartridge will not become blurred even if they are wet by water, so they can be stored on paper for a long time. 

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