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How to Install and Use the Printer?

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Printer is a kind of common office equipment, it can help people easily and quickly print the documents in the computer on paper. The ink-jet printer is an electronic device, so you need to install it correctly before using it. The following describes how to install and use the printer correctly. 



How to Install a Printer?

There are two main steps to install the digital printer, one is to connect the printer to the computer, the other is to install the printer driver on the computer. 


If the label printer is connected to the computer through the USB interface, you only need to connect the two ends of the USB cable to the interface of the computer and the printer. After completing the above steps, turn on the computer and thermal printer. After the computer is turned on, the system will prompt that a printer is connected to the computer. Then you need to install the printer driver on the computer before the printer can work properly. Some operating systems come with some printer drivers, which can automatically install these drivers. If the operating system of your computer does not have the driver you need, you need to put the CD in the printer package into the computer, and then install the driver according to the system prompts.


If the laser printer is directly connected to the local computer, select "local printer". If the printer is not connected to the local computer, but to another computer, select "other printer". After clicking, the system will provide a list of printer manufacturers and printer models. Then you can look for the driver corresponding to the printer in the list. If you don't have the driver you need in the list, you can use the CD in the printer package to install the driver.


43-3-white printer


How to Use the Printer?

Connect the printer to the computer, and then turn on the bluetooth printer. Then click the "control panel" of the computer to enter the "printer and fax" folder, right-click in the blank space, select the "add printer" command, and then open the "add printer" guide window. Select "connect to the local printer on this computer" and check the "automatically detect and install plug and play printers" check box. 


After that, the computer will start to detect the portable printer and quickly find the printer that is already connected to the computer. After that, you need to put the driver disc in the printer package into the CD-ROM disk drive as prompted and install the driver for the printer. Then you can find the printer's icon in the "printer and fax" folder. 


Right-click the icon of the newly installed mini printer and click the "share" command to open the properties dialog box of the printer. Then switch to the "share" tab, select "share this printer", and enter the name to be shared in the "share name" input box, and then click "OK" to complete the printer sharing setting. 


If the printer is installed incorrectly, it will not work properly. You can follow the above steps to install the printer correctly. It should be noted that the printer will consume printer toner cartridge or printer ink cartridge when it is running. If your printer cannot continue to work, you should check the toner cartridge or ink cartridges first. 


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