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How to Improve Color Print Quality?

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Steps to Achieve Color Printing


To achieve color printing, the printer must first support color printing, and then open the document that needs to be printed.


Click the file menu in the upper left corner of the open document. Click the print menu item in the opened file menu.


Click the shortcut link of printer properties in the window opened on the right. At this time, the printer properties window will open and click the Paper/Quality tab above.


In the opened paper window, select the color item in the color column, and finally click the OK button.


After returning to the print page, just click the print button.


Ways To Improve Color Print Quality


Paper Quality 


It is understood that not all papers are the same. Lower quality paper may cause darkening of colors or bleeding on the document. In addition, you should avoid using ordinary copy paper of poor quality in color documents. Bond paper with cotton fibers or paper with ribs, linen or eggshells are also problematic for color printing.


It is recommended that you use your printer or copier provider to find the paper type that best suits your color printing needs.


In addition, the type of document is also related to the color print quality. In fact, sometimes we can reduce unnecessary paper waste in some occasions, such as emails, web pages, presentations, etc.


Printer Settings


Many offices choose the default printer settings, but this operation does not fully meet the office's color printing needs. This applies to inkjet printers and laser printers.


You quickly increase the print resolution to the maximum DPI option in the print dialog screen. Some printers need to be changed to CMYK color mode to optimize color printing. The way to change this setting depends on the printer software.


When setting the theme, make sure to calibrate the color settings of the computer monitor to the printer settings. The purpose of this is to ensure that there is no continuous difference between what you see on the screen and the color document sent by the printing device.


81-2-toner in the toner cartridge

Printer Cartridge Quality


Like printer paper, the quality of ink and toner will vary. This may affect the color print quality. Toner is a copy consumable product for multifunction copiers and laser printers. Ink cartridges are printing consumables for inkjet printers.


For users of laser printers, there are three options when replacing the toner cartridge: original toner cartridge, compatible toner cartridge and refilled toner cartridge.


For inkjet printers that use ink cartridges, this includes original HP ink cartridge, compatible ink cartridge and HP refill ink cartridge.


Maintaining printer cartridges is also important for high-quality printing materials. It is generally recommended that you store the printer product in a cool place or install the ink cartridge correctly.


Go for the Inkjet


Inkjet printers are suitable for printing color documents, photos, or things that require depth of tone or vividness. In terms of color or photo printing, the dry powder powered by the laser printer cartridge does not match the wet ink.


Color of Printed Content


Ensuring correct printing colors can literally change the reality of your business and customers.


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