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How to Identify Original Hp Toner Cartridges?

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For laser printer users, there are three choices when replacing the toner cartridge: original toner cartridge, universal toner cartridge (or compatible toner cartridge), and refilled toner cartridge. Print quality is definitely the first factor that customers need to consider. Undoubtedly, original toner cartridges are obviously the best choice. The original toner cartridge has been carefully considered in the design process to integrate with other parts of the printer, and the manufacturing process is meticulous, so it can create the ideal printing effect, which is much better than other compatible products. Because of the manual method used in the manufacturing process of the refilled toner cartridge, the print quality is even more uneven, and it is difficult to guarantee. The print quality of general-purpose toner cartridges can basically meet the output requirements of the printer, and some can even exceed the standard of original toner cartridges. But it may be different in some special circumstances, such as a little blur when printing 2 point fine print. The printing process always seems to be very simple, connect the printer and send a command to complete. It is the effort made in every detail of printing that the user only needs to go through this simple operation process to get the ideal printing result.


Of course, when considering printing quality, printing cost is also a very important consideration, especially for price-sensitive individual users. Many people think that the quality of the original product is good, but the price is relatively high. This is actually an incorrect understanding. A large number of objective tests show that the cost of single page printing of the original toner cartridge is not very high, and the overall cost is also relatively low. Original toner cartridges can save users more money than the price of the printer due to their long working life. Therefore, it is recommended to use original toner cartridges. Universal toner cartridges are also produced by famous brands, and the product quality is guaranteed. The price of universal printer toner cartridges is usually much lower than that of original toner cartridges, so the overall printing cost will be better than original printer toner cartridges. As for the refilled toner cartridge, although its price is very attractive, because the number of print sheets is too small or even less than half of the original toner cartridge, the overall printing cost is never lower than the original toner cartridge and the universal toner cartridge.


This article mainly introduces how to identify original HP toner cartridges.


16-1-compatible toner cartridge

Original HP toner cartridges have exquisite printing quality and bright colors, while some counterfeit products have rough printing quality, blurred images and dark colors. The most straightforward way to determine the authenticity of a toner cartridge is to open the outer packaging and check the photosensitive drum. The color of the photosensitive drum of the original HP toner cartridge is grayish blue or light brown, while the color of the photosensitive drum of the counterfeit toner cartridge is bright green or blue, and the surface of the photosensitive drum of the original HP toner cartridge is extremely smooth without any scratches. , And some counterfeit drums filled with toner cartridges have rough surface with obvious scratches.


The serial number on the back of the original HP toner cartridge packaging should have a rectangular offset printing frame, while the serial numbers of some counterfeit toner cartridges have no traces of offset printing.


Driven by interests, some illegal printer dealers colluded with counterfeiters to manipulate printers purchased from legitimate channels, that is, take out the original toner cartridges in the printer packaging and replace them with refilled or refurbished toner cartridges for sale in order to make huge profits, this is commonly referred to as digging a drum. The exchanged toner cartridges are sold in real or fake boxes.


There is a counterfeit method of using real boxes to pack fake drums in the market. Because it is a real box, it confuses some consumers. However, generally speaking, it can be distinguished by some details. All repackaged toner cartridges, carefully inspected, will leave traces of unpacking on the outer packaging box, such as offset printing or slight damage.

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