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How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Ink Cartridges?

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The original ink cartridges of the printer are used up. It is recommended that you buy original fill ink cartridges produced by a regular factory. However, there are many fake and inferior ink cartridges on the market, which can block the printing nozzles when in use and cause great damage to the printer.


Specifically, toner cartridges or ink for toner cartridges may be of poor quality. Poor quality of counterfeit printer cartridges can damage or wear the printer.


So, how do you spot counterfeit printer cartridges? In fact, it is not difficult. When you buy ink or toner cartridges, pay more attention to the following points.


Exterior Analysis


It is legal to completely refill the ink cartridge and it is an option for home or commercial printers. The same is true for remanufactured ink cartridges.


In general, we can identify fakes with inferior counterfeit technology through the material, color and printing quality of the outer packaging. You have to touch the words of the product lightly with your hands. Generally, the words of the original refillable ink cartridge will have a bumpy feel. The counterfeit products feel smooth to the touch. Through the color-changing anti-counterfeiting mark and laser imitation mark on the packaging, we can also further confirm the authenticity.


78-2-printer toner cartridge

Phone Recognition


Generally, well-known brands will have scratch-off coatings with product identification codes. Due to the fact that the outside is true and the inside is false, the above two steps can only distinguish the authenticity of the outer packaging, but there is no guarantee that the inside is genuine.


Sticky Mouth


Observing the sealing method of packaging is an effective means of identifying fakes. Generally speaking, the original HP printer ink cartridges are sealed and bonded with translucent hot melt adhesive, and the bonding margins are neat and even. The fakes mostly use various glues for bonding, the sealing will have varying degrees of defects, and there will be secondary bonding.


Interior Analysis


We must carefully observe the inner packaging material, printing, sealing, cutting, especially the degree of vacuum. The original products are exquisitely crafted and the vacuum packaging quality is very good. However, fake goods have obvious defects, which are manifested in the residual air in the package and the lack of contact with the box body. Then observe the process of the cartridge body, whether the thermal etching code or laser etching code of the cartridge body is clear, whether there are flaws, and whether there are ink marks or scratches on the box body. The third point is to observe the balance of the air inlet and ink outlet seals. The genuine seals should be flat, tight, without pinholes, and no secondary sticking.


Chip Analysis


In order to prevent users from filling ink cartridges by themselves, many original ink cartridges are equipped with smart ink cartridge chip. We happen to be able to identify recycled ink cartridges based on this small chip. The smart chips on recycled ink cartridges will show signs of rust, oxidation, and scratches to a certain extent.

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