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How to Distinguish Genuine Toner Cartridge from Fake Toner Cartridge?

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The most important part of laser printer is toner cartridge. A good toner cartridge can make the laser printer run efficiently. The printing quality of laser printer mainly depends on its resolution. For example, if the resolution of a printer is 1200×1200 dpi, if the diameter of the toner particles is greater than 1/1200 inch, the printer will not be able to print the document with its maximum resolution, which will cause the text or pattern on the document to be blurred. This shows that the quality of the toner cartridge directly affects the printing quality of the printer. 


Since the toner cartridge is so important for laser printer, and its price is not low, users need to save cost as much as possible on the premise of choosing high quality toner cartridge. Due to the high price of genuine toner cartridges, many profiteers will use some old empty toner cartridges to imitate genuine toner cartridges, which can bring them huge profits. At present, the quality of toner cartridges in the market is uneven. If users don't know how to distinguish genuine toner cartridges from counterfeit ones, then users are likely to buy counterfeit products.


97-2-652 ink cartridge


Tips for Buying Genuine Toner Cartridges

Before you buy the premium toner cartridge, you need to check its outer packaging carefully. The packaging of original toner cartridge is often printed with exquisite and clear patterns and words. On the back of the outer package, the serial number of the product is printed. It should be noted that the product serial number is usually printed on the outer package by special materials to prevent imitation. And the quality of the outer packaging of counterfeit toner cartridge is often very poor, and the text and image are very fuzzy. 


After opening the outer package, you will find that the genuine toner cartridge is often wrapped in an electrostatic packaging bag. And some counterfeit products do not have the electrostatic packaging bags. After unpacking the packaging bag, you can find that the surface of the genuine toner cartridge is often pasted with a paper label on which some information of the product is printed. Most counterfeit products have no labels on their surfaces. Although some counterfeit toner cartridges are pasted with labels, the words on the labels are very fuzzy. 


In addition to checking the label, the surface of the brand new toner cartridge is very smooth, without stains and scratches. And the surface of some counterfeit products will have a lot of scratches, which are the traces left by businesses during processing. In addition, there is a big gap between the printing effect of genuine toner cartridge and counterfeit toner cartridge. Genuine toner cartridge can print clear text and image, while the text and image printed by fake toner cartridge are often fuzzy and uneven in color.


When buying toner cartridges, it is recommended to buy them in brand stores or stores with good reputation. Some toner cartridge suppliers with bad reputation may deliberately sell you fake products for more profits. 


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