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How to Dispose of Waste Toner Cartridge?

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Printers and copiers bring convenience to our life. Nowadays, many offices and homes are equipped with printers or copiers. But the digital printers need UV ink cartridge or toner cartridge to work normally, and these consumables are often discarded after being used, which will seriously damage our living environment. So how should we dispose of the waste toner cartridge correctly?



Replenish Toner Cartridge

After the toner in the toner cartridge is used up, some users will purchase toner cartridge powder and add it to the toner cartridge, and then continue to use the toner cartridge. Although this method can save cost for users, there are many inferior products in the market. If users can not distinguish the quality of toner cartridge powder, it is easy to buy inferior products. These inferior products will not only cause poor printing quality, but also damage the laser printer. What's more, because the toner particles are very small, they are easy to be inhaled into the respiratory tract, causing some respiratory and blood diseases. 



Sell Waste Toner Cartridges

You can directly sell the waste toner cartridges in some second-hand dealers. Although they will give you a sum of money, it will promote the phenomenon of toner cartridge counterfeiting. Because these waste toner cartridges are not recycled through regular channels, they will be used by some profiteers to make pirated toner cartridges. These pirated toner cartridges will flow back into the market. Therefore, it is not recommended to sell waste toner cartridges to second-hand dealers.


88-3-81 ink cartridge

Discard the Waste Toner Cartridge

Some users do not know that the empty toner cartridge is recyclable, they often directly discard the used toner cartridge in the garbage can. In fact, it will cause great pollution to the environment. Because the shell of the toner cartridge is made of plastic, the plastic will not be degraded in the natural environment. If the plastic is directly buried in the ground, it will not only pollute the environment, but also waste resources. If the plastic is burned directly, a large number of toxic gases will be produced, which will also pollute the environment. Therefore, it is not recommended to discard the waste toner cartridge directly.



Recycling Toner Cartridge through Regular Channels

Many toner cartridge manufacturers and printer manufacturers will launch regular toner cartridge recycling channels. Users can give the used toner cartridge to the manufacturer through these channels. These discarded toner cartridges will be used by manufacturers for reprocessing, thus becoming remanufactured toner cartridges. This kind of toner cartridge not only has good quality, but also has lower price, which can reduce the cost for users. 


Compared with producing a brand-new cartridge, producing a remanufactured cartridge can reduce the emission of 7200g of carbon dioxide and avoid 24m3 of air be polluted. In addition, 2.71 liters of oil and 14.4 liters of water can be saved. Therefore, it is the best way to recycle waste toner cartridges through regular channels, which can not only save costs for users, but also enable users to obtain high quality toner cartridges

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