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How to Differentiate Inkjet and Laser Printer?

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The comparison between two very different printers can be crucial for budget and productivity. Moreover, it is also important both for the business or the home. Therefore, we should know the difference between inkjet and laser.



The Inkjet Printer

Originated in the 1950s, Inkjet technology wasn’t until the 1970s that it was paired with computers to produce digital images. Powered by ink cartridges, the inkjet cartridges, such as hp 650 ink cartridge, hp 61 black ink cartridge, compatible ink cartridge epson xp, etc. are comprised of tiny nozzles that spray dye or pigmented ink on paper in the form of droplets. The cartridge turns on and off thousands of times per second, pressured by vapor with the equivalent pressure of being 10,500 feet underwater. Ink in a cartridge is composed of 98% water. According to research, an average of one gallon of oil is used to create each inkjet cartridge.



The Laser Printer

As an electrostatic digital printing process, laser printing was developed in the 1960s, and by the early 1970s, commercial laser printers had been introduced to consumers. Different from ink cartridges which are mainly made of finely ground polyester plastic, laser printers are powered by toner cartridges, such as toner cartridge 6705, toner cartridge 17a, toner 17a cartridge compatible, etc. as we all know, polyester powder is electrostatically charged, and it adheres to any objects with opposite charges. The magic of the laser printer is that it uses up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit heat to fuse toner to the paper.


When purchasing this kind of printer, it should be noted that toner and photosensitive drum are the two consumables required for laser printers. Sometimes they can be purchased as one piece, and sometimes they can be purchased separately.



When can the Inkjet Printer be Used?

With lower price than the laser printer, inkjet printers are suitable for people with small budget. For example, depending on the brand and size, if you buy an inkjet printer with a black ink cartridge three times a year, the cost will run between $60 and $120 per year. therefore, the average cost per page using black ink is 5.5 cents, while the average cost per page using color ink is 8.9 cents.


A typical inkjet printer will last two to three years. And when it comes to color or photo printing, inkjet printers are usually superior, because it is suitable for many color ink cartridges, such as ink cartridges 45 red color, hp 63 black tri-color original ink cartridges, color ink cartridges, etc. if you want to buy a printer for the use of small or home business, it is the best choice. In addition, if you have large need for paper size variety instead of demand for quick printing, it includes glossy paper or fabrics.



When can the Laser Printer be Used?

Laser printers are more expensive, but they tend to last longer (an). It usually lasts an average of five years, which means you can save more money in the replacement, especially if you’re printing thousands of pages a month. Thus, laser printers are better for larger offices, which have large demand for black and white documents. If you have smaller need for paper size variety and faster need of documents, it is a good choice.

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