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How to Deal with China's Printing Consumables Market After the Epidemic

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According to the latest research of IDC "China Printing Consumables Market Annual Tracking Report", the total shipments of China's overall printer consumables reached 95.856 million units in 2019, of which 25.273 million inkjet consumables and 11.902 million original ink cartridges, a decrease of 11.0% year-on-year in 2018. Original ink cartridges used for continuous ink supply warehouse printers reached 6.347 million, an increase of 16.7% year-on-year. The data shows that the continuous supply product market is entering an upward channel, and the decline of ink cartridge products is the general trend. At the same time, the total shipment of laser consumables in China's overall toner cartridge market has reached 70.582 million, and the overall toner cartridges (including toner cartridges) reached 4114.6, a year-on-year growth of 6.3%, while the shipment of toner reached 2943.6, a decrease of 14.2%. This shows that more cartridges toner will be more cost-effective.


Looking at the post-epidemic era, IDC China summarized its views on the printing consumables market:



1. Laser household products gain development opportunities

The new crown epidemic that began in January 2020 has had a great impact on many industries in China. For the home market dominated by inkjet products, inkjet products have become popular because of the explosive printing demand for learning materials from various schools. The prices of machines and consumables in the terminal channels have flipped, and both of them have been out of stock. This has led to the popularity of low-end flow laser printers among home users. Some mainstream manufacturers that have deployed the home laser market earlier have been surprised by this performance. In the face of the huge education market, in the case of the outbreak of the epidemic, the home scene of laser products has been released more, and the printer manufacturers who have benefited from this epidemic can take the epidemic as an opportunity and take into account the current cost of color laser printing. The lowering space is small, and the relatively low-cost monochrome print output will be more suitable for the printing needs of home documents, and the printing products and low-cost consumable solutions dedicated to the education industry should be launched in due course.


3-1-printer consumables 

2. The concept of overall print volume will become the original driving force in the printing (printing and copying) market

Whether it is a printer/copier manufacturer or a third-party printing consumables manufacturer, it relies on the base of hardware products to produce continuous demand for consumables. With the deepening of the concept of printing management services and the integration of printing and copying solutions in the industry, and with the increase of medium penetration rate, the concept of overall print volume has been paid attention to by more manufacturers, not just the one-sided pursuit of the connection rate of consumables. First of all, whether inkjet or laser consumables, the popularity of large-capacity printing consumables is becoming more and more prominent, and the replacement cycle of consumables is continuously extending, that is, the connection rate is getting smaller, which means that the return rate of consumables requires more patience from manufacturers. On the other hand, paperless is the development direction that has been advocated in recent years and in the future. It has gradually formed the non-output of paper materials in the office field and realized electronic preservation. However, one thing that cannot be ignored is that with the rise of the inkjet home market and the era of Internet big data, the growth rate of annual data growth far exceeds the rate of change in the paperless process. Therefore, the increase in output required for the overall print volume is greater than the decline in paperless, which can also support why the concept of increasingly paperless. Today, the consumption of printing and copying paper still maintains a steady growth rate.

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