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How to Clean the Printer Cartridge?

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Ink cartridges mainly refer to inkjet printers (including inkjet MFPs) used to store ink for printing and finally complete the printing. The ink cartridge is essential for the entire inkjet printer. The price of 2 boxes of ink may be equivalent to that of 1 printer. Therefore, when purchasing inkjet printers, the printer ink cartridge must be considered.


The ink cartridge is an important part of the inkjet printer. Its quality will directly affect the printing effect of the inkjet printer. At the same time, the ink cartridge is also a component that is relatively prone to failure. It is very necessary to know how to clean the print head.


If the inkjet printer is not used for a long time or used for a period of time, there will be problems such as unclear printing, broken points, and broken lines. At this time, it is necessary to use the method of cleaning the print head to solve it. Most inkjet printers will automatically clean the print head when it is turned on, and there are buttons to clean the print head. Most inkjet printers have three cleaning functions: quick cleaning, regular cleaning and thorough cleaning. For specific cleaning operations, please refer to the steps in the inkjet printer operation manual.


However, if printing is still unsatisfactory after several consecutive cleanings, the ink for printer cartridges should be used up and the sojet ink cartridge needs to be replaced. When the ink cartridge is not used up, it is best not to remove it, otherwise it will cause ink waste or the printer's ink metering error. Generally speaking, the ink of the printer will not be hardened or deteriorated within a short period of time, so there is no need to take out the ink cartridge. However, if your printer is really not used for a long time, you need to take out the ink cartridges, which can prevent the deterioration of the ink for toner cartridges and also ensure the life of the nozzle.


64-2-inkjet printer

If the automatic cleaning method fails, the blockage is more serious. It is usually because the printer has not been used for a long time or the power has been cut off during use, and the nozzle has not been reset. Use a syringe to face the nozzle, and constantly pull the pressure device to let the high-speed air stream clean the nozzle and suck out the remaining ink, which is a cleaning method that saves solvent cartridge ink.


If the manual cleaning method mentioned above does not work, you must prepare to disassemble the printer and proceed as follows.


Turn off the power first, unplug the plug, and disconnect the power completely.


Disassemble the moving shaft and rotating belt, and then carefully pick up the print head and rinse it with distilled water.


Then use a syringe and a soft rubber tube to form an ejection system, which is inserted into the ink inlet for cleaning.


Both steps must be extremely careful, never let water get on the circuit board. If unfortunately the circuit board gets wet, it should be dried immediately with a hair dryer. Finally, put it back in the printer, and execute the software cleaning program again to let the HP 2588 cartridge ink wash away the distilled water in the nozzle.


If integrated print head that has been left unused for a long time blocks the nozzles due to the dry ink, it can be soaked in hot water before cleaning.

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