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How to Clean the Copier?

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The copier is often damaged by some dust and debris, which leads to the poor quality of the copy or the failure of the digital copier. If there is dust in the optical system of the photochemical copier, it will cause black spots on the copy. If there is dust in the mechanical system of the copier, it will cause paper jam. Therefore, you need to clean the copier often. 



Cleaning Methods

The platen is used to store the originals, it is generally made of glass. Therefore, the glass is easy to be stained and scratched. When using the optical copier, try to avoid touching the glass directly with your hands. In addition, you need to remove the staples, paper clips and other hard objects from the originals to avoid scratching the glass. When cleaning the glass, do not use organic solvent to wipe the glass. This is because the glass is often coated with transparent layer and conductive coating, these coatings will be dissolved by organic solvents. 


41-3-desktop printer

Because the cover plate of the multifunctional copier contacts with the original and the user's hands for a long time, the cover plate will be easily soiled. The original light-colored cover plate will gradually become dark. If there are a lot of stains on the cover plate, the edge of the copy will be stained. Therefore, you need to use cotton cloth and detergent to clean the cover plate. When cleaning the cover plate, do not use alcohol, ether and other organic solvents.


Because the circuit system of the electrostatic copier works under high load for a long time, it is easy to absorb a lot of dust on its surface, which leads to the decrease of the resistivity of electronic components. If the dust is not cleaned up in time, the circuit system may be short circuited. Therefore, you need to regularly hire professional cleaning personnel to clean up the dust inside the copier. 


Some parts inside the copier will be worn and aged gradually. Therefore, you need to replace worn and aged parts regularly. These parts are mainly cleaning blade, electrode wire, pick up roller, etc. It should be noted that even if your laser copier is under warranty, you still have to pay for the replacement of these parts. Because the wear and aging of these parts are not considered to be caused by the quality problems of the equipment.


Some toner is often left in the waste toner cartridge. If it is directly put into the garbage can, the toner may enter the air. When you breathe, you may inhale some toner cartridge powder, which is harmful to human health. Therefore, when cleaning up the empty toner cartridge, it is best to wrap the toner cartridge in a bag and then throw it into the garbage can. 


To sum up, cleaning the thermal copier is a matter that needs to be paid attention to. Cleaning the copier regularly can not only improve its efficiency, but also extend its service life. 


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