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How to Choose the Original Toner Cartridge?

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Toner cartridge is the most important part of laser printer, and its quality directly affects printing effect. In the printing process, 70% of the key technologies and parts need to be used are integrated in the toner cartridge, so the toner cartridge plays a decisive role in the printing process. At present, there are mainly the following kinds of toner cartridge in the market: original toner cartridge, compatible toner cartridge and refilled toner cartridge. These kinds of toner cartridge have different advantages and disadvantages. The following describes how to choose the original toner cartridge.



Observe the Outer Packing of the Product

When you buy the premium original toner cartridge, you should first observe its outer packaging. The packaging of the original toner cartridge is usually bright in color and clear in image. On the back of the outer package of the product, the manufacturer will print the serial number of the product with special materials. If the user finds that the color on the outer package of the toner cartridge is dim and the image is blurred, it means that you may have bought a fake product.


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Observe the Inner Packing of the Product

The inner packaging of brand new toner cartridge is usually a black or silver electrostatic packaging bag. The surface of the electrostatic packaging bag of the original toner cartridge is clean and free of stains. In addition, the electrostatic packaging bag is thick, and the sealing of the packaging bag is smooth. The packaging bag of the fake toner cartridge is very thin and not smooth. When users open the packaging bag of the original toner cartridge, they will see a label pasted on the toner cartridge. The label is printed with the name, model and other information of the toner cartridge, and the printed text is very clear and the color is uniform. However, there is often no label on the surface of the counterfeit toner cartridge.



Observe the Color of the Product

The color of the original hp 415a toner cartridge is generally grayish blue or light brown, and its surface is very smooth, without any scratches and stains. The gear of the original toner cartridge is generally white and the gear is very clean. But the surface of the counterfeit toner cartridge generally has some scratches, which is the mark left by the manufacturer when prizing the toner cartridge. In addition, the screws on the counterfeit toner cartridge are often twisted.



Observe the Printing Effect

In addition to the appearance difference, the printing effect of the original toner cartridge and the counterfeit toner cartridge is also very different. In the normal operation of the digital printer, the text printed by the original toner cartridge is very clear. The original color toner cartridge has a good color restoration ability, and can perfectly print the image in the computer on the paper. The text printed by the counterfeit toner cartridge is very fuzzy, and the lines of the text are intermittent. The color of the image printed by counterfeit color toner cartridge is dim, and the color restoration ability is poor. 

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