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How to Choose Ink Cartridge and Toner Cartridge?

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Toner cartridge and ink cartridge are essential consumables for printers. The toner cartridge is mainly used for laser printers, while the ink cartridge is mainly used for ink jet printers. The following content describes how to select the most suitable toner cartridge and ink cartridge. 



Shopping Guide for Toner Cartridge

When buying toner cartridge, users should first carefully observe the outer packaging of the product. The outer packaging of high quality toner cartridge is bright in color and high in printing quality. The outer packaging of counterfeit products often has poor printing quality, blurred image and dim color. 


Some profiteers will recycle the used original toner cartridge, and then fill it with toner to earn high profits. When users select the toner cartridge, they must carefully check each connection of the toner cartridge. If the screw of the cartridge is damaged or the connection of the cartridge is scratched, the toner cartridge is likely to be a counterfeit product. 


In addition to checking the connection of the toner cartridge, the user can also carefully observe the surface of the toner cartridge. If there are a lot of scratches on the surface of the toner cartridge, it means that the toner cartridge has been used many times. There is almost no scratch on the surface of the brand new toner cartridge. 


92-2-mini printer


Shopping Guide for Ink Cartridge

The manufacturer will mark the model of ink cartridge on each ink cartridge package. Before purchasing, users need to determine the model of ink cartridge they need to avoid that the purchased ink cartridge cannot be installed on the printer. If you install a mismatched cartridge to the printer, it may damage the printer. 


Ink cartridge suppliers often provide users with print effect drawings of different ink cartridges. Effect drawings can make users more intuitive to understand the quality of ink cartridge, providing convenience for users to choose products. When viewing the print effect, you should carefully check whether the color of the text is uniform, whether the text has a sense of hierarchy, etc. 


High quality ink cartridge not only has good printing effect, but also has more exquisite packaging than inferior ink cartridge. Take the vacuum packaging bag as an example, the vacuum packaging bag of high quality ink cartridge will be closely attached to the ink cartridge, and there is no air inside. But there is a lot of air in the packaging bag of some inferior ink cartridges. After opening the packaging bag, the user can find that there is no stain on the surface of the high quality ink cartridge. The sealing film of superior ink cartridge can be pasted tightly on the surface of ink cartridge, while the sealing film of poor quality product is very loose.


Manufacturers of genuine ink cartridges will also provide users with high quality after-sales service. Before purchasing the ink cartridge, the user should ask the supplier about the after-sales service of the product. The counterfeit ink cartridge manufacturers will not provide any after-sales service for users. 

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