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How to Add Toner to the All-in-one Machine?

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Now almost every office has a small all-in-one computer. The amount of toner should be paid more attention to. So how to add fans to the all-in-one? How to reset the all-in-one?



How to Add Toner to the Machine?

Firstly, carefully use diagonal pliers to pull out the pin with the gear end of the core, and then take out the drum core by holding the gear part of the drum core. After taking out the core, use a flat-blade screwdriver to gently pick up one end of the charging roller and gently pull it out. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw and remove the core scraper in the waste toner bin. Fold a piece of paper into a trough shape to facilitate adding toner to the bin. After adding toner, install the magnetic roller, close the gear cover, close the clean waste toner bin and the developing bin after adding toner. Finally, put the small iron pin back in the original way and level it with the plastic port.


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All-in-one Machine Reset Method

Firstly, open the front cover and separate the front cover lever of the machine from the front cover. Then, take out the toner cartridge and toner cartridge and separate the toner. Thirdly, check the machine. First pay attention and find out two sensors. One is the toner cartridge sensor on the left side of the toner cartridge, and the other is the front cover sensor on the right side of the printer's front cover. Put only the toner cartridge into the printer. Use the left-hand screwdriver to press the toner cartridge sensor inward. Press the front cover sensor inward with a right-hand screwdriver. 


After pressing the front cover sensor, the ready light will change from red light to green light. Pay attention to the number of green lights. When the green light is on about 6 times, immediately release left and right toner cartridge sensors, and then press the toner cartridge sensor in again immediately after releasing. If the printer displays normal, it has been cleared, if the printer continues to display the toner cartridge is out of toner, the printer has not cleared. You should repeat the above steps until it is cleared.



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