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How to Add Powder to the Toner Cartridge?

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The laser printer is designed using the principle of pattern sensing of the charge on the surface of the semiconductor. This surface reacts to the optical image and discharges on the designated area, thereby producing an electrostatic image. Then, the image is brought into contact with the coloring material (toner), and the coloring material is selectively attracted to the electrostatic image, and then transferred to plain paper.


For laser printers, there are three options when replacing the toner cartridge, which are original toner cartridge, universal toner cartridge (or compatible toner cartridge) and refilled toner cartridge.


At present, the price of laser printers continues to drop, but as the corresponding original consumables, the price of toner cartridges has not shown a downward trend. In addition, many manufacturers also set up various obstacles to prevent users from adding cartridge toner powder. This not only makes the laser printer very expensive to use, but also causes environmental pollution when used toner cartridges are thrown everywhere. In fact, we are now adding powder to the toner cartridge ourselves.


85-3-HP original toner cartridge

Steps to Add Toner


1. Preparation


Prepare special toner for laser printers suitable for the printer model and tools for carrying toner cartridges for laser printers. These tools include screwdrivers, diagonal pliers (point-nose pliers), cotton, brushes and hair dryers.


2. Remove the toner cartridge


First remove the HP toner cartridge from the laser printer. Locate the fixing screw on the toner cartridge cover of the printer, use a screwdriver to remove the screw fixing the toner cartridge cover, and put the screws away. Then use a "one" screwdriver to gently pry off the buckle on the toner cartridge cover, and then open the toner cartridge cover. When you open the drum cover, waste toner remaining in the drum cartridge will spill out. In order to prevent pollution, we should spread a newspaper on the table in advance, and pay attention to keeping the working environment clean during the toner filling process.


3. Clean the toner remaining in the toner cartridge


In many printers, the toner cartridges powder is not completely used up when the toner cartridges are replaced. Some toner is often left in the waste toner box or laser printer toner cartridge. If it is not cleaned up, the toner we added and the original toner may form a blocky solid due to incompatibility, so we are adding toner Be sure to clean the toner in the original toner cartridge first.


When cleaning, first pour out the toner in the waste toner box and the toner cartridge, and then use a brush to gently remove the toner remaining on the edge of the toner cartridge. We can use a leather tiger or a hair dryer to clean up the waste toner that cannot be cleaned by the brush. After cleaning the toner in the toner cartridge, we also need to use a brush to clean the toner around the toner cartridge. After cleaning up the waste toner in the toner cartridge and waste toner box, we will also clean up the waste toner on the charging roller and magnetic roller.


4.Adding new toner to the toner cartridge can realize easy-to-add powder technology.


When adding, unscrew the cap of the purchased toner bottle, tear off the sealing paper on the bottle mouth, and slowly pour the toner into the toner cartridge of the toner cartridge until the filling is full. After adding toner, close the toner cartridge and waste toner box and tighten the screws. Then wipe the toner around the toner cartridge with a clean brush or soft cloth.


5.Install the toner cartridge after adding powder to the laser printer, and test the printing effect of the toner cartridge after adding powder.

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