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How to Add Ink to Color Ink Cartridges?

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How to add ink to the color ink cartridges? When our printer has been used for a period of time, the following phenomena will occur, such as when the ink is low, the ink light flashes, and the printing is not clear. At this time, we did not buy a continuous ink supply assembly for continuous jet series, so what should we do? In fact, we can drill holes for the printer ink cartridges directly, and then add ink directly with a syringe. This article mainly introduces how to add ink to the color ink cartridge and the color order of the color ink cartridge.


Steps to Add Ink to Color Cartridges


1. Remove the volume label on the upper part of the handheld printer ink cartridge or ink cartridge for HP 2130, and you can see that there are five small holes under the volume label.


2. Distinguish the colors. One hole is red, two holes are blue, and two holes are yellow (you can insert a toothpick into the hole to distinguish the color).


3. Put a good quality facial tissue under the nozzle to prevent the ink from bleeding from the nozzle. If it is a slight color crossover, it can be solved by adding a few more color blocks (for the cross color of the nozzle part, you can follow this method).


4. Put the needle into the small hole for ink injection, and inject an appropriate amount of ink.


5. Wipe clean around the small holes and label them.


Finally, put the refillable ink cartridge back into the printer. After adding ink, it is best to print again at an hourly interval so that the sponge can fully absorb the ink. If you encounter abnormal ink discharge or nozzle clogging, you can clean it two or three times with the nozzle cleaning program that comes with the printer. If necessary, you can deep clean it.


75-3-ink cartridge refilling machine

How to Add Ink to Ordinary Printers?


First remove the sealing patch on the ink cartridge refilling machine or the ink refilling hole, and then use the thin end of the bead pushing tool to press the steel ball in the refilling hole into the cartridge.


Remove the rubber cap on the ink cartridge, put the nozzle of the ink cartridge into the short needle and press it firmly.


First buckle the nut into the top of the ink cartridge, then insert the ink cartridge into the ink filling hole, and screw the screw into the nut hole.


Rotate the screw to slowly push the piston until the ink is completely filled into the HP 304 ink cartridge (note: two inks must be added at a time).


Remove the ink cartridge, place a new steel ball in the ink injection hole, and lightly press the steel ball with the thick end of the bead pushing tool until it is flush with the orifice. Then attach the round patch.


Close the ink outlet of the ink cartridge to the rubber key, and press the end of the ink cartridge to make it fit into the protective clip.


Remove the short needle of the empty ink cartridge, insert the mouth of the ink cartridge into the rubber keyhole and press it firmly. The counter-rotating screw makes the piston bounce up, sucking in the ink with a height of 2-3 mm, and then gently take out the ink cartridge.


Finally, remove the HP 805 ink cartridges from the protective clip, wipe off the ink with a clean paper towel, and then install it for use. At this point, the entire ink filling process is over, and your printer can start a new job again.

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