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How Do Companies Save Printing Costs?

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Various large and medium-sized enterprises spend a lot of money every year on inkjet printers, replacing inks, refillable ink cartridges, ink cartridge toners, papers and other printer supplies. Therefore, how to find ways to save printing costs is one of the things that enterprises should pay attention to. In this article, we will introduce how to save the cost of printer ink.


Set the Default Value of Ink/Toner Saving


When configuring office printers and user access rights, please ensure the following situation. The document is best set to black and white, draft/economized mode, lower resolution and duplex printing. If you need high resolution or color printing of documents, you can change the settings.


If color printing is not required, then companies should consider buying a monochrome laser printer or a color inkjet printer and a black and white laser printer.


Switch to Compatible Printer Cartridge


The printer manufacturer recommends that customers use expensive OEM ink cartridges. After all, most of the revenue comes from the sale of replacement ink cartridges, not the printer unit itself. In general, printer manufacturers sell replacement refillable ink cartridges and ink toner cartridges at high prices to offset R&D and marketing costs.


When you switch to compatible ink cartridges, you can save a lot of money. If you print at least a few hundred pages a month, just switching to compatible printer cartridges can help you save money. This is one of the best ways to save the cost of inkjet and profficy toner cartridge.


10-2-color inkjet printer

Use Merge Printing to Save Ink/Toner and Paper


The N-up multi-page option can be found in the layout section within Printing Preferences.


Print Only When Necessary


Print paper copies of necessary documents, emails, invoices or spreadsheets. Reducing the number of unnecessary prints can greatly reduce printing costs.


Or you can introduce a system to keep copies of important business-related documents on a cloud or local network server.


Get a New Printer


You'd better replace inkjet printers or laser printers with the latest models. The new office inkjet/laser printer is more economical than the old printer. Currently, most commercial printers on the market use high-yield ink cartridges.


Fewer Printers Lead to Better Return on Investment


Usually, large and medium-sized enterprises spend a lot of money on printer consumables because they use too many printers in the office.


If the printing quantity is not large, the imposition cannot be increased, otherwise the expensive die-cutting production costs will increase the packaging cost. At this time, you can consider making a copper-zinc plate with a lower cost, and then use a monochrome machine to print, which can save a lot of costs.


Easy Printing


Use fonts that save ink/toner. For example, Arial fonts save 30% of ink than other fonts. Only print the required text. Especially when printing web pages, you can manually delete unnecessary images, banners, etc., or you can use online tools.


If employees can scan documents and email them to colleagues, it is bettter not to use a photocopier.


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