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Domestic Toner Cartridge VS Original Toner Cartridge, Which Is Better?

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When using the printer, consumables including printer toner cartridges and ink cartridges chips will be used. Many users are asking, which is better for domestic toner cartridges and original toner cartridges? Let's talk about the difference between these two types of products.


Domestic Toner Cartridge


Since printer companies do not allow users to only purchase original toner cartridge consumables, there are actually many choices for domestic toner cartridges. In fact, Zhuhai City in China is the global consumables capital, and a large number of compatible ink cartridges are supplied to the world here. Many people think that compatible toner cartridges are cheap. In fact, the price advantage of compatible toner cartridges is not obvious.


Because if a brand-new photosensitive drum and better quality toner are used in a consumable, the cost determines that the toner sharp cartridge will not be cheap. In fact, it can be seen from the financial reports of printer companies that this is not a profiteering industry. If you only buy the cheapest domestic toner cartridge, the print quality will not be guaranteed at all. Even when you take it out of the printer, the leakage of toner will cause your printer to fail to work. The original manufacturer does not guarantee the problems caused by using compatible toner cartridges. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase premium toner cartridges.


86-2-refilled toner cartridge

Original Toner Cartridge


HP original toner cartridges, as the name suggests, are produced by printing equipment manufacturers themselves. The first thing that can be guaranteed is the promised capacity and approximate quality of the toner cartridge, which comes from the stable quality of toner and photosensitive drum. And the latest technology will appear on the original toner cartridge for the first time. For example, HP's smart technology requires a sensor in the toner cartridge, and the toner itself has a special structure that can be fixed at a lower temperature and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. HP is currently phasing out 175-degree fixing toner, and new machines basically use 135-degree fixing toner.


Asconn supply both original and compatible toner cartridges for all of the leading laser printers.


And the genuine toner cartridge can accurately estimate the remaining amount of consumables, so that the consumables can be used as much as possible. And when you encounter e-commerce self-operated platforms for activities, you can actually stock up a batch decisively. This makes the cost of printing lower, which can save money for small and micro enterprises.


In short, the original toner cartridges are not much more expensive. The key is that the quality of the consumables is guaranteed, so that the printer can last longer.


During e-commerce activities, you can buy more consumables from reliable channels and hoard them for use. It is not uncommon for printers to be used for more than ten years. The original factory is to continuously guarantee the subsequent supply of consumables to meet the consumer demand for stock products. The original consumables are the guarantee of printing quality and the key to the longevity of the equipment.


Asconn is a leading high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of printer consumables. The company's main products include toner cartridges, ink cartridges, ribbons and other related accessories, covering more than 1,000 models of printers such as HP.

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